• Hiya,

    I start my path across the Abyss today. 

    I am around 25 to 30lbs overweight... but I know it isn't about the scale!!

    I love working out and eating right (or at least I used to until some bad habits took over and I gained a lot of weight).

    I first read BFL around 8 years ago and took some tips away but never really did it properly.. but this time I will.

    I have a lot going on in life at the moment - moving house, new puppy, work commitments, but all of this is overshadowed by my size. I should be enjoying life but instead I hide away and ignore my feelings.

    So - quick question to help me stay on track... How do you cope with the stress? I am very good at turning to comfort food and alcohol and with everything going on in my life I don't want to trip up during my first overly stressful day..?

    Nice to meet you all - I am looking forward to this journey!

  • Hi RedUK..I just started my challenge 4-21-12 and deal with the stress with affirmations.  I believe that I have to come first before everything else so that I can manage all the responsibilities I have.  Working 7 days a week is necessary in my life right now.  It is difficult to pull my boots on each morning and face the day again.  But I know it is not forever and if I'm going to do this, I will need to be strong physically and mentally.  This is my challenge!  But I want to prove I can do it despite all excuses.  I have made it a priority to work out everyday and monitor what I eat.  Find the carrot you need to pull through everyday and throw the stick away!  It's your life, your day!!!  Congrats for finding yourself!  You can do it!

  • Hi RedUK - I know that feeling. I had to clean all the non-BFL-compatible food out of my work apartment so I wouldn't graze on junk when stressed. My biggest stress-coping mechanism is my Challenge logbook (which is strange because I've never been much for journal-writing before this). If I'm struggling, my day's entry might wind up being three or four pages long; if everything's going fine, I can fit two days on one page. Keeping the logbook has really been a huge help so far both in dealing with stress and with staying focused.

  • In theory, exercise is a stress-reliever.  I don't love exercising, and I thought "Well, it's not a stress reliever for me; I hate it!" but even though I don't enjoy it at the time, the reality is that I always feel better after the workout is done.  Not just better because I don't have to work out anymore that day, but I feel better about everything else in my life, too.

    I definitely agree with mstickles to get everything that's not on the list OUT of your house.  Now, every time I see something that I want, I think, "If you don't buy it, you won't eat it."  I'm not sure why, but that works for me.  Also, I carry protein bars with me whenever  I go out, and I never go to the grocery store hungry.

  • I find the most comfort in 2 things: keeping meticulous journal entried in my Success for Life journal, and enjoying a big mason jar full of green juice every day.

    I have tried so many fitness/workout journals before, but the BFL one just works for me. It keeps me on the straight and narrow and I actually enjoy using it every day!

    Also, I recently invested in a top quality juicer, and wow what a difference! I drink a big jar every day, and my skin has cleared, my eyes have brightened, and I feel so good after drinking it! I make sure to steer clear of the sugary fruits and veg like carrots and apples. I usually juice up spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, ginger root, jalapeno, garlic, fresh dill or mint, and sometimes a small chunk of beet. yum!

  • Congratulations on making the decision to begin this program.  All of you have good points to offer. I am on week 6 and I can use them to help me also. I know that stress you are all talking about--- Pumping iron helps me alot as well as working out on a treadmill. But the one thing I have changed about myself -Is How I View Myself!! I'm really starting to like myself each day and this is why I am in this program to transform my body, mind and spirit.  I deserve to be the healthiest I can be.  But I've got some hard work ahead of me.I didn't get out of shape over night.  I refuse to take a back seat to myself ! If I'm not going to stand up for me-No one else will!  Keep up the good work-Believe in yourself-Have Courage to Change!     Your Ontario Buddy!