2nd week 3rd challenge

  • Been a tuff first week, the training was good and hard worked up a great pump but have wondered away from my eating plans so feeling very guilty at the moment. Just need to focus hard on my eating and avoid eating that little junk food that is tempting. My supplements are going well but if do not eat correctly all the time i am waisting money on supplements.

    I am looking forward to the upper body work out tomorrow morning and i will focus more on my nurtrition.


    Jonny V

  • nonsense eat at least one thing bad everyday, so it doesnt stick to you!!!

    eat one thing with a lot of protien, hey did you ever check youtube to see if this diet works, it does but you have to tweak it a bit

  • Jonny - don't let the lapses get you down. A few mistakes doesn't mean you're "wasting money on supplements"; depending on what you're taking, they might actually help mitigate the bad effects a bit.

    As one of the past Champions said (going from memory so this might not be word-for-word), "Know that if you fall off the wagon, it will still be right there where you left it." Just say "Oops," and start again doing it right from that point forward. My theory is that stressing out about it can actually cause you more problems than the dietary mistakes cause.