need opinion on what week I'm on....

  • Hi, I originally started BFL on February 22, 2010, that would make me on week 9 going onto week 10. I've seen some results but nothing drastic yet. But here's the catch I ate from the EFL cookbook the first 2 weeks, I thought that was part of the BFL only to learn that most of those meals are maintenance meals. Then I didn't really start the BFL workout till week 5, I was doing my own work out plan 7 days a week, cardio everyday for 30 min and weights 3 times a week.  To top it all off at the end of week 4 my sister came to visit and as hard as I tried to stick to the plan I totally bombed for about 4 days. I didn't  take a picture till the beginning of week 4. 

    All of this really taught me to be completely prepared and know the plan and how it works before actually starting. So I'm debating do I just continue as if February 22nd was my start date which would make me on week 9 and once I complete this first round just start up a second time around... Or should I just consider my start date from week 5 to eliminate  all the stuff prior which would make me on week 5, going to week 6??? I guess it doesn't really matter because it's BFL not BF12weeks right??

    Opinions much appreciated..

  • Laurie,

    Here's my 2 cents worth, I'm sure before the day is out you'll have close to a dollar's worth of opinions.

    My take is - You've decided, for your own personal reasons to start of 2/22/2010, and now by week five you realized you weren't fully prepared.  That's ok though.  It's week 9 for you and just finish...get to and go through week 12 no matter what.

    Then take at least 2 weeks or more AR (active rest)  do something fun, do stuff you wouldn't or couldn't before.  Heck you could even try another program or what have you.

    The key to this is that you are learning about yourself.  You are discovering your own weaknesses and strengths.  Since you didn't take your pix till week 4 then you couldn't enter the official challenge.  That's a good thing cause now, sometime in June if you are up for it, you can be ready (mentally more than anything) to do Round 3 of the official challenge.

    So good for you!  You are learning more about yourself than you know.   As for me.....I am learning that although I know how to schedule, I have a tough time following (as close as possible) the schedule that I wrote down.  I mean something as simple as planning the meals for tomorrow, why do I find myself sometimes changing the meals at the last minute.  So it's something I work on, because I know that affects my life in other areas.  I've been called indecisive before, and now I am honestly accepting that. I am striving to change little things like that.

    ~Marqui D. C1W7D48

  • Marqui... Have you ever taken the Myers Briggs personality test??  I BET you are a "perceiver". I am the same way... I frequently WILL change what I am eating when the time comes simply because my body just 'knows' it doesn't want more chicken then... or more eggs or whatever. But since I keep all SORTS of permissible foods around I can still make good choices. I DO try to have 2 fruits a at the end of the day I can have a protein shake low on carbs and add a fruit.

  • Marqui, thanks for your input. Your right I am learning more about myself and like you I do schedule well. I normally follow what I schedule but sometimes become indecisive as well and I don't feel like what I have prepared for that day or time. I do supplement with  something else that is on the approved foods list.

    Confession- I've discovered I do this thing through out the day, I put something in my mouth forbidden, small and quick like thinking, " if I do it fast enough it won't count." (NOT) only fooling myself. So I've been more aware of it and I've been trying to have clean eating everyday but my cheat day.

    I've also discovered something new and good. I've learned it off of my free days. I think about how the forbidden food will taste and if it will be worth eating vs just eating it because it's there and because I can.

    I'm also discovering to recognize my body and when it's full. I used to have the tendency to overeat , eat a lot fast, or just eat until it's too late and I'm overstuffed sick and have heartburn..

    So I will continue and like you said take a break for 2 weeks and then start up again. Thinking I'll maybe just ease up a little bit like applying EFL but staying on the same track so it's easier to get back on. I know myself too well and once I get a little lacks on the discipline it's hard for me to get back. I do plan on entering the challange. When is the deadline to enter?

    thanks again