Stuck in a rut

  • I'm starting week 7 and can't seem to drop any more weight. I've actually gained 2 lbs. I have a lot to lose so being near my goal weight is not the issue. I have not missed a day of exercise and have been good about my eating. On my days off I stick to the eating for the mornings than eat whatever later in the day. I had probably 3 days of sneaking something naughty when it wasn't my day off, ie. day before Easter, I may have put some gravy on my mashed potatoes. The only thing I can think that can be slowing my weight loss is my water intake. The last few weeks I've dropped to about half of what I should be consuming. Could this be an easy solution? Has anyone else had this problem? I've heard the 8th week is when the "magic" happens, so I'm really excited to see. Thanks guys, I value your input. 

  • I'm just starting week 7 also.  I have missed one cardio, and have only cheated a couple of times. But remember - you are building muscle - which weighs heavier than fat.  Go by the way your clothes fit.  You are probably losing more than you think.  Don't be discouraged.  I had to "pump" myself up today - as I did something stupid and stepped on the scale.  I think I'm about to throw it out completely.  I do believe the water makes a huge difference.  My plan is to totally re-focus on my eating - and really concentrate on the workouts/and cardio I'm doing.  I know I've made progress - I don't want it to stop. You can do this.

    Don't give up!


  • Don't give up!  I am on week 10 and I am the same weight for 3rd week.  We all change differently.... I would focus on measurements & clothes fitting looser.  I still weight, but I don't use it as "the" measurement.  My most difficult thing on this challenge to me is water too.  Keep water beside you at all times is the easiest way; drink a glass after you wake up; drink a water while you work out & I keep a large glass on my desk (I bought the HUGE tumbler from Starbucks w/straw).  It maybe your issue.  

  • Ugh.  I'm week 10 and I've been in a rut since 7.  No weight change, no inches lost, and I don't think there is a lot of difference in my pictures either.  Maybe a little.  I just keep telling myself I am seeing this thing through and I am building healthy habits for life ie, activity levels are high and nutrition is much improved.  I love the exercise and I am seeing awesome improvements in my strength, endurance, resting heart rate, BP....just not where my vanity would like to see progress.  I am now tracking calories more closely though as I think that could be the problem.  Keeping it near BMR for thelast two weeks to see if that helps.

  • I didn't start losing weight until Week 7 so you are probably getting close. Now, suddenly, I am losing 1 - 2 pounds a week. Crazy! It's like at some point you turn a corner.

    Having said that, scale weight isn't really an accurate gauge since thin does not always equal healthy. As others pointed out, it could be muscle gain. Are you tracking your body fat %? How do your clothes fit? Those are the TRUE gauges of progress.

    The water could definitely be making an impact, especially if you started strong with your 10 cups a day and suddenly cut back. I strive for a full gallon a day which equals about 14 cups; that way if I fall a bit short I know that I still got in at least the minimum.

    Also, if you're stuck in a rut, try to unstick yourself through your routines. Are you changing up your workouts every 4 weeks? I have seen people advise that; it keeps your body from expecting things. Also, are you working out while fasting? That can make a difference in your results. Are you tracking what you eat as well? I use MyFitnessPal to log EVERYthing I put into my mouth. Every grape. Every scoop of yogurt. Every piece of lettuce. It has made a big difference. I can see which days I have had a little too much in the realm of fats (too much ground meat or peanut butter) and sugars (too much high-glycemic-index fruit) and adjust my diet accordingly. It also helps a lot with planning. Those little things can add up to big differences as you enter the home stretch. Think about ways you might be able to change up your routine and your diet that might be to your benefit.

  • I guess I shouldn't expect miraculous results every week. It was so exciting at the beginning, losing those 2 lbs a week and seeing my clothes fall off. So, I will try the water, I've already upped it tons since yesterday.

    I love the MyFitnessPal, I've used that for over a year, sporadically, but I love it. I like that I can see if I was balanced on my carbs/protein intake. I'm usually eating about 1500 cals a day, is that too much? Or too little?

    I love this program, it's my second time doing it, the first was back in 2002, when I just did the exercise and no eating. That obviously didn't work out too well.  

  • you may have gained that 2 pound by gaining muscle and sometimes its ok to cheat I tend to do it too but its gonna happen but the trick is is to not lose faith and keep working at it you can stick through it and get it done there are sometimes when I fall off on one meal and feel i messed up no free day but then I realized I didnt cheat on the day I cheated on that meal and get back to it I wish you the best of luck.

  • I'd just like to report that drinking tons of water worked, I lost those 2 lbs I gained and then lost another. Off to drink another glass!

    And Josh, I know what you mean, I hate it when I cheat a little and then think I messed up the whole day, but as you said, it was just one meal, not the day.