Personal Motivation

  • I like to scrapbook so when I was trying to think of something that could be an inspiration to me on those not so good days i naturally went to scrapbooking. Not my typical scrapbooking though. I found some exercise magazines that were a few months old and began looking through them not for tips and ideas but for inspiration. Whatever caught my eye; advertisements, slogans, pictures. It got cut out. Each thing I cut out motivated me in some way to keep pushing on even though i didn't necessarily feel like it or think I'm not getting the results I should. At first I was really embarrassed about my 'project' cause it just felt personal but now i'm not so embarrassed about it. Yeah, it's cheesy and yes it's personal. But now when I don't feel like pushing a little harder to hit that 10 on the bike (i believe all bikes are of the devil, lol) I can look at it hanging on the wall and am immediately motivated to go a littel bit harder.

    I was wondering what are some things you do when you need motivation. We can never get too much.


  • What a great motivation tool!  For mine I have my "before" picture plastered up for my computer wallpaper.  I have to look at it often.

    Because you have inspired me, I am going to look for some after pictures.  Well not of me but of what I want to look like.

  • That's very nice tiff. For me I have ladies with the abs, legs etc I want on one wall with different excercises to do every so many WO's and on another wall I have a collection of MY BFL FAMILY's pics off I get to see them all every day and they help keep me strong.

    Whatever works! If you get it in your head, the body will follow.

  • Tiff-I have something similar on my wall downstairs, it's right in front of the treadmill so it keeps me going. I also have a "wordle" it's a word collage of all BFL associated words, motivational words, people's names, etc...You can make your own at or it's Anyways I took it to Kinkos and had it enlarged to big poster size for I think $6. Then like Legs has, I printed off some pics of my BFL fam...

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Here are more thoughts from Tom Venetos book.

    PART ONE -

    It is very important for people to know that words can powerfully affect their brains in ways that are beneficial or harmful. Healthy and successful people have their own vocabulary. They see problems as challenges. They view failure as feedback. Frustration as fascination. Confused means curious. Shoulds become musts. Older means wiser. An injury is an inconvenience.

    The fittest people I know see "plateaus" as a signal to change their workouts. The unfit see plateaus as a signal to quit. Unfit people say they have to work out. Fit people say they get to work out. To the former, excercise is a chore. To the latter, excercise is an opportunity to improve and they feel grateful for it, because they know other people are not as physically blessed as they are.

  • I love this - I think I will create something similar to help me push harder these last 4 weeks.  Thanks for sharing!

    runninggrl :)

  • PART TWO: (only because I type


    Whatever you ask for, by thinking about it repeatedly, especially with emotion, will be unconsciously accepted as important. Your brain will then begin to formulate action plans and stimulate automatic behaviors that will lead most expediently to you getting exactly what you were thinking about the most. However, this power is neutral and works in both directions.

    What if all day long you thought about what you didnt want? What if you focused on your fears? What if you worried about your health problems? What if you complained all day long about your physical limitations?  What if you dwelt upon your need for a drink or comfort food? What if you complained about how much you hated being fat?

    Most people focus on the negative, mull over their problems and replay past failures in the theatre of their minds. When you focus on what you don't want, you're programming your mind to get more of what you don't want. (read that again....)

    If you download a virus onto your computer, it can erase your hard drive and your computer doesnt care - it's just running a program. Like a computer, your unconscious mind is totally impartial and will carry out whatever programming you install. Bad attitudes, limiting beliefs, and negative thinking are like thought viruses. If you install them in your brain by repeating statements such as "I'll always be fat" or "Nothing works for me", your unconscious doesn't evaluate whether your requests are good or bad. It simply follows instructions.

    So - the moral of this is THINK POSITIVE, VISUALIZE what you want to look like, feel like, act like at the end of 12 weeks. Be realistic. Set your goals big enough that they are exciting and scary at the same time. If they are not, then you are staying inside your comfort zone and setting your goals too low.

  • Wow, thanks Legs!  That was just the sort of motivation I needed this morning!!  Instead of thinking of what I don't want; I will think of what I what I DO want!!

  • Push it Kimmy - you would be surprised that you can go a little harder, lift a little heavier. You can, you can, you will, you will.

    Put emotion into your workouts...I know music is BIG with girls - guys like the tune, girls like the lyrics.....

    DebbieMO will never ever be able to listen to Lady Ga Ga's song Bad Romance without seeing those last steps over the finish line of her 5K. Give that gift to Kimmy.

  • I agree with Legs .... you can always go a little harder or push a little more.

    I have dropped my 5K time down by 1 1/2 minutes over the last 4 weeks by pushing it at the end of my HIIT sessions ....

  • Kimmy-Legs is exactly right, every time that song comes on, I think of that last stretch of my first 5K and all I had accomplished and what I want to accomplish in the future...I have come so far since last year and you can do the same thing!!

    Push it, Lady!! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Debbie - I just want to say that I looked at your pics omn your profile and I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED by those "after" GUNS! Good for you! Biceps are what I envy the most on other people, so I am looking forward to having pretty biceps like yours! GREAT JOB!

    Today is the day to NOT quit!!!! <3 EARGAL

  • I find the 212 movement to be VERY motivating.  It's just about going the extra degree in everything that you do.  Check it out at  Click to watch the video on the left.  The purchased DVD is much more powerful than what is shown on the site, but you will get the point.

  • eargal-Thanks! Just keep lifting heavy and your Guns will come too! I love working my shoulders and biceps! So work on those GUNS!! KaPow!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I love it!  I keep filling up my wall with before and after pictures of women with similiar goals as mine, many former BFL champions.   I also have many quotes that I can look out when I decide that I hate my elliptical.  Tiff_sue, forget bikes being from the devil.  It's those evil ellipticals!

    And Legs, I haven't read Tom Veneto before.  Thanks for the introduction.  Good stuff!