I hope this comes as some inspiration

  • I had a rough week last week and had missed four out of six workouts i fell off my meal plan and was just about ready to quit but what I thought about was the people on here that give me my inspiration so today I woke up at 4:30am went and worked out and stuck to my meal plan to a T i found it very good and am ready to start tomorrow more then I wanted to start today so if you are like me and are about ready to quit just remember that you are the keeper of your own destiny and you will be the one that hold you back for the life mind and body you want I hope this serves as some form of inspiration to other because sometimes that is what you need when you try to cross the abyss.

  • keep it up! You can do it! There are so many great people on here that will keep you going! You can do it! Let yesterday be the past and today be the gift that it is-the present!!!

  • I love this post, great job Josh, you had a decision to make and you chose you!!!

    Texas Brez

  • Like you, I had a rough week last week as well. Thanks for the encouragement to get right back in the game.

  • Read a great quote this week: "If you're sick of starting over, stop quitting".  Good job exemplifying that!  Don't let perfection be the enemy of good effort.

  • Josh you are amazing!  You can do this!  We all have our moments.  The fact that you just wrote about it - and are doing so well today! You have inspired me! Thank you!


  • Glad that my ispiration is helping others and I kinda almost missed a workout again today. I woke up About 5 Hours after I should have and had to be to work at 11am so I was kinda down and thought it was starting all over again but instead I figured out how much time I had and put on my workout clothes and went to the gym and still made it to work on time I did however miss one meal but it is better then missing a workout and a meal so I  feel If you dont get down and just go for what you want you will succeed thanks to all of you for aspireing words of encouragement. I definatly feel the love from my body for life family!

  • Good for you for making it to the gym when you thought you didn't have time!  And sleep is important too, so maybe you needed it.  I had trouble on Easter day, the gym was closed and the weather was crappy and I had a cold. I waited till 7:30pm and then thought, "something is better than nothing," so I ran up and down stairs in my apartment building.  Ended up doing the full 20 minutes and felt great at the end.

  • that is a good idea good for you yea i miss today but i wasnt feeling well but tommorrow is a new day for me and ill hit the ground running.

  • This is very inspiring and helpful.  I have been struggling off and on for the last few eels, and I have to keep telling myself if I mess up, just keep plowing ahead.  You can't let a single cookie, or a whole week of missed workouts ruin your challenge!  :)

  • Eels=weeks.  Stupid autocorrect!!

  • Your right you have to just keep at your goals and when walls get in your way kick those things down and go like yesterday never happened

  • Hello Everybody:  I really enjoy reading and sharing on these blogs.  As I am reading this blog I can't help but think about what Bill Phillips says in his book, about reading nightly and again daily our list of goals. Obviously, there is a reason why people lose momentum on this program--It's a transformation program.  It is designed to change old poor habits into new healthier one's! And that takes something that must be learned. Dedication, Committment ,Sacrafice and alot of hard work!! I am greatful for the support that is out there.  Somehow, we get comfortable with being less than what we want-but that doesn't mean we are happy.  For me I want to be happy!!!  Happy with my health, happy with my body, happy within myself, and this will not happen by cheating my way through this program.  For those who are struggling-Please go back to your list of goals and get them imprinted in your brain.  Post pictures of how you'd like to look around the house.  Post quotes in cupboards and in drawers, so that you are always being reminded of striving for your dream. And yes, blog, blog, blog.  Good Luck to you all! And We'll all be smiling and enlightened in 84 days. Your friend in Ontario, Canada

  • I do read them everynight and day and they are at the front all of the time but sometimes it is easier to fall back on old habits then to go with the good ones but i do not give up hope and keep working at it but I know that not alot can change  when you have been doing the old habits for me it has been about 20 years but i dont get discouraged and stick to and make the better decisions and not the ba but I am inspired by what you said and I wish you the best of luck also.

  • Good Morning Josh!  What a beautiful day it is here in Ontario-this morning the birds are singing -it promises to be 21 degrees, and I'm doing yard work.  I had a great cardio day(Treadmill) and that part is over for the day.  All my meals are planned and my timer is set every 3 hrs. to remind me it's time to eat.(Even though I think of it alot)  So I drink another bottle of water-pop in a gum and stay busy until that buzzer rings. I am on day 18 today and I am feeling great!  My sleep is sound now-it never was before. My clothes are getting looser and I'm starting to tone up!  These are the things I concentrate on, as I check off another workout posted on my fridge.  I hope you have an inspiring day!  I hope you hit your 10's today! I hope you have success with your meals.  As I've learned in sobriety-One Day At A Time!!!