January 9ers, C2, and April 9ers C1, let's start this new thread!

  • Ditto Here Bobby...no posting capability until today...which for me is a good thing. Workouts were OK but my eating was in the crapper!

    Took my teenager to a concert in a town about 3.5 hours away one way...fast food on the way home... I indulged...Felt terrible the next day.

    I guess my body is really trying to tell me those fast food days are over...I guess that is some sort of progress...right?

    Anyway, hope all  is strong with the group this week!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hay 9er's took a few weeks off now I am back.  Went hiking the last two weekends and  I am also working on my 5k time I am hoping to get it down to 21 minutes by the 4th of July we will see if I can get my time down to a 7 minute mile by then, I will keep you all posted.

    I also wasn't able to post I thought it was something with my computer or something I kinda started freaking out.

    Soccermom we both can do this my time frame is much shorter than yours, but we can do it.  I am excited to see everyone on here and some new people.  I hope everyone has a great day and it's very nice being back.


  • @ run- I know... I had some clam chowder and a roll and a few choc chip cookies and I was feeling it! And not in a good way! I guess we are becoming finely tuned eating machines...:)

    @ tulip- 7 minute miles...smokin' !! I remember at my prime I ran a 6:45...for 1 mile and it was down hill!

    @tonja- no weight loss since last weigh-in, or no loss in the 11 weeks?! How's your pants fitting?

    We are entering the phase where the bloom is off the rose and it is time to get down and dirty and start doing this with a freakin'  vengence, so  Let's Go!

  • @Bobby - I am just staying at the same wieght 3rd weigh in and just hopeful that I changed from afterwork workouts to morning would make that scale go down - being hopeful.  Clothes are fitting looser and I feel so much better than I did before starting BFL.  


  • @tulip---glad to see you here. 7 minute mile is smokin but you can do it!

    Over the weekend I went to Laurel, In and competed in the Spartan Sprint Race. That was one of the things I was going to do after C1. I finished in 1hr 27min and 14 sec landing in 311th place, out of 2400 people. In my age group I was 25th out of 100. Overall I am very happy with my results. After C2 I plan on doing something else along those lines. I gotta tell ya, that was the single hardest thing I have ever done physically but it sure was fun!

    Week 3 here we come---Go 9ers

  • Tonja, remember that if you are following the letter of the challenge, you are building muscle as you are losing fat...muscle takes up 1/3 the space of fat...keep up the good work.

    Bobby - like your enthusiasm.  Crank it bro!

    I just did 5/25 lower with 2 minute rests per sets and finished up with AbRipper for a FULL Lower body workout.  I really like the Transformer (jury's still out for the upper, however).  I will probably switch out every other LBWO with it to be sure that I keep my Leg Biceps and quads growing at an even rate.

    Diet is spot on for the 3rd week in a row!  Have another test this week in Atlanta (including two happy hours scheduled).  Wish me luck

  • Thanks Frick, you are right, but a girl is just hopeful!  I am definately building muscle!  I picked up a 25lb dumbell & one of the guys just gave me that look this morning.  Good luck with your 2 happy hours - that would be rough for me!

    Crawfish on the menu?  I can wait till my free day, but it sounds so good with corn & potatoes.  I better get home & grill some fish.

    2 weeks left & finishing strong! Diet is on track too.

    7 minute mile geez - you guys are my hero(s), but I am just starting to run.  I'm scared to even time myself - just running is an accomplishment.


  • I have lost 4 lbs of pure body fat!! in 4 weeks! The scale shows a 2lb loss, I was able to calculate my Lean Body Mass to determine if i am losing in the right amount of weight...and it's true...the fat is coming off!

    i took my 4 week photos, and I do see small shirkage in the waist. I am in this for the long haul, so I continue to takeit one day at a time.

    cals are right at 1630!

    keep up the good work all!

  • Tonya-

    Do NOT rely on the scale!! Why are you doing that to yourself. The scale ONLY shows a number... It does not show if you lost FAt or you lost muscle mass, or if you gained fat or gained muscle.

    I can almost guarentee you are losing fat and gaining muscle...no scale will tell you that.

    I have been calculating my weight and BF% from the beginning. The scale as of now, says i lost 2 lbs. , but my calculations show I lost 4 lbs of body fat and gained 1.75 lbs of muscle mass.

    This why I do manual calculations to determine where I am losing and gaining. ...

    Here are the calculations:

    LBM (Lean body mass)

    total weight (scale weight) - Body fat= LBM

    Body fat

    weight x BF% = total body fat


  • I missed you guys!!  I tried all weekend and no luck. Bobby, my experience was the same. It was a little frustrating.  

    I have a post all ready to go and will pop that on later, but I wanted to quickly say ,"hello" and welcome to week 3.

    Great job rockinroe!!!  You have to be happy with those results. I'm going to weigh at end of week 4, but I have been taking measurements and they are going down.  Are you going to post your pictures or do a big reveal at the end?

    I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

  • Wow tulip a 7 min mile...did you get a speeding ticket...like bobby...I have not seen that speed in quite a while...like since my youth! Great Job!

    Tonja - In my first complete BFL, I did not see any change in the weight the last third of the 12 weeks and even my measurements stayed the same for the last three weeks. It was demoralizing until I looked at those 8 wk to 12 wk photos and they showed some improvement (muscle replacing fat). Enough to keep me motivated. So, while the scale and the tape can lie...I think Bobby is one to something here. The pants and the photos tell the truth. Hang in there. Change is happening!

    RockingRoe - Smokin' job!

    Perth - glad progress is being made!

    For me today, I had a visit to the dentist and he said I can keep eating so that means I have to do this portion food control thing all on my own ;-)

    Cardio today, 30 minute repeat elliptical. I stayed within the program parameters and decided not to rock it higher like I have been. I also did a plank...and here is where I am in trouble group. I was on another blog here at BFL that I hang with. Well some of those ‘Crossfit’ folks got to talkin’ about planks and I did a 60 second one that day. Felt great. So, I got full of myself and a little ahead of myself and told the group I want to set a goal of a five minute plank. Then I shut the computer off and want to bed.

    As I kept lying in bed...thoughts were going through my head ..."5 minute plank...what the he!! was I thinking...I don't even know if that is realistic let alone how to train for that."

    Finally, I fell to sleep and when I woke up the next day and for the next couple days no one there  on the blog commented about my plank goal....my thoughts...I am off the hook...it slid off the web pages never to be revisited again. After all, who has time to read back web pages...right...Except for Lauren (God Bless her -who has accepted my 5 minute plank challenge). Today, I did a 90 second plank...  movin’ up in the time on the 5 minute plank challenge, but it is getting harder and you know the seconds are actually longer [in time] as you move through time towards a five minute goal {don’t try to convince me otherwise!}. I still do not know if this is a realistic goal ...I do know when I was done with the 90 second plank, my abs were rocked...my back was rocked....my upper arms and shoulders – rocked! It felt like an amazing work out. So I am putting it into the routine. Anyone here want to join in this madness...(a desperate cry for help and companionship on my part).

    Anyway hope it is all good 9ers....I really missed you guys and gals the past several days.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hey 9'ers - It finally happened! The thing I have silently harbored since Jan 9th! - I got my first unsolicited compliment from someone outside my family! A couple of gals from Zumba class have been gone about 3 weeks, came back today and they came over to tell me I had "shrunk"! They wanted to know what I had done - "Body for Life, ladies!" "Oh ya'" says one "I have that book."

    People know about BFL, but until you have that "mental shift", personally, nothing is ever going to change. So I'm asking you, my friends, what was it for you?  I'm sure we have all said a million times "Gee, I wish I could get into shape and lose some weight....." What made you change? There must have been something, or none of us would be here, right?

    Hey Francine! Good to hear from you again!

    BartM - the Spartan Race! Wow, Good for you! I just watched one last year and thought " These guys are crazy!" I'm impressed!

    Tonja - You go girl - keep impressing those guys at the gym! But I am with you on the running. It's all new to me. My husband is flabbergasted that I have even tried. He has NEVER seen me run...... But I'm even getting a little better.

    Rockin' Roe - concerning the scale - I still love the quote from "someone" at the beginning of C1 about "not trusting the RNG - random number generator". Still makes me laugh, I use that term all the time.

    Run4 - No way am I biting for that 5 min. plank! But I will be here, in my cheerleader uniform, waiting for updates, since I really don't think you want off the hook. LOL!

    Keep up the good work gang!


  • Looks like everyone is doing pretty darn good!  I had to double up tonight and do lower and cardio since I had company all weekend and missed Sunday only (Friday is my free day).  I am heading into week 3 feeling a little lighter and my clothes are not so snug.  YAY!!!!

    ~Nothing changes until SOMETHING changes~

  • Run, I'm intrigued by this 5 minute plank business, BUT do think that 5 minutes is a long time! Can it be done? Is it possible? Well, let's see.... I put faith in my pal - google - and found this routine - a 5 minute plank routine. You move around every 5-15 seconds, which actually seems like it would help pass the time. This guy even has a 5 minute static plank video - so it is possible, which means IT CAN BE DONE!

    Links below:


    Now, as for companions to accept this challenge with you.  Hmmm..... I have a weak core, so this is a challenge I should do, but I'm starting out with a 30 sec plank at the moment. I would very much like to incorporate this "challenge" into my goals, but I'm not convinced it's possible for me. We shall see....

    So, is the goal to be able to do 5 minutes of any type plank at end of week 12? Can we move around?

  • Hi All-

    Things are going well here in London.  I missed the forum while it was down.  The hubby and I just finished our fourth week, took photos, and you can definitely see a difference.  Still a long way to go, though.  I'll get them off the camera and post them for you guys.

    RockinRoe, Fantastic job on that fat loss!  That's fabulous!

    Tonja, I'm with you:  just running feels like an accomplishment on my end.  My HIIT workout is about 1.5 miles in 20 minutes.  Not breaking any records, but it's still a stretch for me.  Progress, not perfection!

    I've been experimenting with eating breakfast before exercising, and I've found that when I do, it makes it even harder to get out the door.  So I'm contemplating making a lifestyle switch and rolling out of bed to do cardio every weekday morning (HIIT for 3 days), getting up with my husband and walking out the door with him at 8:30am.  It feels hard to give up my days of sleeping in, but I think my body will be much happier with a really regular schedule.  I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes.

    Tonja, was it you who switched to early morning workouts these last couple weeks?  How's it going?