January 9ers, C2, and April 9ers C1, let's start this new thread!

  • @bucki-----I had the same trouble when I first started this forum---Need to have under options it say "email unsubsribe"..little confusing to me but it works.

    Had a fantastic ubwo today, hope to keep it rolling. Eating is so far so good too!.

    During C2 I am really trying to get down to the 170lbs, about 10 pounds to go!

  • Okay, LBWO is done! It felt great, although my knee is hurting a bit, and since I wasn't able to do my LBWO last week, I found out all of my "start weights" this week, and I mostly hit about 9 1/2's for each workout, which isn't bad for guessing my weights free-handedly.

    A tip that I use every single time I am finishing a set is a sentence from the book in which Bill Phillips asks,"did you really hit your 10? Was the last rep you did really the last rep you could've done, or if I had been there cheering you on, telling you you could get one more, could you have?" This sentence really keeps me going when it gets tough, and I think about it constantly. It is always a nice to have someone else in my head besides myself.

    @Bucki: I loved how you fixed a boat load of chicken this morning and mentioned your slow start from last week. . .I did the exact same thing on both accounts. Tons of chicken is cooked, and I had a very slow start last week, too. It is good that we are hear for each other, and do not feel discouraged by the days that could have been better. Keep up the good work, and thank you for Bill Phillip's circuit workout. I have always worked in a circuit training format until now, so body for life sometimes seems a little slow to me. This is a nice alternative to have if I ever am feeling impatient of I am running short on time

    @Everyone: I am okay about failing the boards. It was a board exam to see if I could do fillings in teeth or not. I can. But I was just having an "off" day, and my filling materials just didn't seem to be doing what I wanted them to do. Much like BFL, I didn't take that as a failure, just as an earnest try, and I signed unto re-take the board in June.

    @ Mosher: Good to have you! Have you noticed that there has been less bloat when you wake up too? I used to wake up feeling sluggish and bloated, but I have notices that feeling has lessened since eating authorized foods. What do you think?

    @ Run4life: Thank you thank you thank YOU for the information regarding weight/plateau/measuremetnts/pictures. I know that all of those things are little traps I can get caught in. And I just need to remind myself that I am in this to change the way I look and feel, not to reach a specific number or weight. Every body is different, and with muscle memory/density etc. every body will react differently to this plan. I am going to count any changes as a win, and try to hone in on the "numbers" on my C2 challenge. Thank you for the reminder. You are always so helpful.

    @Bobbby: Dude you got this! I bet you'll be in those pants halfway through the challenge, and that they'll be lose by the end. I believe in you, Bobby :)

    @Bartmarshall: Thank you for the condolences, and I agree about what you said as far as taking a break and getting caught in the trap of thinking it's time to rest. You are right to press forward, and you are not alone with having a slow first week. Your body is excited for this challenge, so feed the monster!

    Okay guys that's all. I wish we could all have a party in person at the end of this. :)


  • @bucki, good info.  I tend to do this for each muscle group anyway, but as I recall, there was some rest between sets to the effect of as follows:

    major muscles like quads and glutes - 45 sec

    pecs, back, abs - 30 sec

    bi-triceps-calves - 15 sec.

    the downtime gives the muscles some time to recover and allows you to get to the ultimate set before fatiguing at a lower weight.  I think the intent is the same, but you should try it when you have time for a full workout.  It's called supersetting, I believe.

    Just got my UBWO out of the way at lunch.  Gonna have some cardio for dessert on the little league field with my son this evening.

    Cheers, Y'all


  • Hello 9ner's...

    Week 1: Horrible.  I started the week great but then Friday, Saturday and Sunday was just bad.  I celebrated my third anniversary this weekend and I think I rewarded myself with gaining a pound with all the crap food I was eating.  I am very disappointed in myself, but onward and upward.  This week is a new week and I am going to hit it hard.  These last ten pounds are going to be coming off!!  

    I have a vacation day today so I have started it off with a LBWO and a protein shake.  Time for some yummy tuna.

    @Bucki: Thank you so much for posting the new workout.  I think I am going to try it out.  I went to the transformation website to try to get more information and there wasnt really a lot.  Can you give us the schedule?  Like I assume we alternate LB and UB, but what about cardio?  I saw from the website that the schedule is five days on, two days off...Thanks!

    @Perthmom: I am really short too and I run about 5.6 mph to 6.0mph.  Everyone laughs at me bc my legs are moving so fast LOL!!!

    @the old 9ner crew: I am going to try to upload my after photos today on the other thread... lets see how it goes... might be embarrassing but keeps me honest LOL!!!

    Take Care!!


  • Here is a link to the "5-25" workout from Bill Phillips.  


    Check out the video...it is worth the time to see Bill demonstrate.  Natalie - I am not sure that there is a specific schedule.  I'm just going to use it as an alternative to the traditional BFL workout of 12-10-8-6-12-12 reps.  By jumping rapidly from one bodypart to the other, you are definitely increasing heart rate into the cardio zone. Basically, you do 50 total reps, rest two minutes and then do four more rounds.  I am planning on using this workout for UB on Saturdays and LB on Tuesdays.  I will continue to use the BFL weight plan for UB on Thursdays and LB on Sundays.

    Bart - thanks for the tip on gettting the emails again...that works!!!! Doesn't make sense but it works...



  • @ Natalie- Way to stay positive and see this next week as an opportunity and not a guilt-tripping, burden. You are doing to do great, and we are all here for you!

  • www.transformation.com/.../148383

    Here's the link for all of the workouts.  This is really a more advanced B4L workout.  I took notes and will take it on the road with me to mix things up.  What I like about it is how the cardio and weights are integrated.  Thanks Bucki/thanks Bill

  • Btw, link is for upper/lower/cardio.  Good form is key as is weight selection.

  • ohhh! You all are very encouraging!!!!

    Perth referred me here...and Im  going to join!! (if thats okay?)

    Just finished week 3!! Feel great! I am coming in with no expectations because I dont want to let myself down if the results I am hoping for arent there. So no scale, no how many inches did I lose this week, or how much weight came off this 24 hour period!! (lol)

    I will account for my goals every 4 weeks!  Looking forward to next week reveal then!!

    Also- for those of you who are keeping track of your 40/40/20 - Lose it (app) is amazing!!!!! It seems I have been in the 1600 cal range and have been balancing BFL program meals pretty accurtately!

    I am taking it one day at a time!!! Planning my meals, and working out till the sweat drips from my forehead!! Hitting my 10's every time and eating 5-6 meals a day.... I do this because I know this works and I ready to get the results I deserve!!!



  • RockinRoe welcome...I use LoseIt...I like it for it is quick and easy. Many on the Blogs use another progam which I also have on my Itouch called MyFitnessPal. It is also a great app. It is a little more sophisticated than LoseIt (I believe) but that also for me translates into a little more time putting data in. It might be that I am not used to it though compared to Loseit. Sometime in the future I hope to run both side by side and see which one I like the best. For now I am with LoseIt. Also as far as goal setting...hey at a minimum you know you will feel stronger, more energetic, livelier...everything else that WILL come your way is just icing on the cake...Sorry ...there I go again on about desert.

    Bucki/Frick thanks for the cardio workout tip from Transformation. It should help break things up a little. I will have to test it out as well and see if I like it more or less than the traditional BFL program. I could use some variety for this C2 seems a little harder for me in the motivation department. Variety is the spice of life.

    My wife has an idea on workout variety... and thanks Frick for the gardening calorie tips. Yesterday I did LBWO on schedule in the morning and planned on UBWO later in the day to catch up for the 1st week UBWO I deferred. So after the LBWO I spent 8 hours gardening with my wife...at least that is what she calls it. She dug and transplanted plants ...God bless her little heart (not being condescending here...glad she was out there). I busted sod all day then move more edging block twice. This ton of block is almost in position to be installed. I only have one little problem. I laid a half ton out around a bed and my wife likes it so well she wants to do more while they are one sale. So, back to the brick yard tomorrow for another ton. The good news is that I think the store is down to their last two pallets of this color edging block (-:

    Not complaining here just loving life...It is good to be outside.

    Finished off the night with a great elliptical cardio.  I used an elliptical program that kicked my behind at the start of C1. I am now striding consistently at 10 RPM over the program prompt all throughout the varying program resistance and lift... I love that feeling....now on to the hardest elliptical program a  45 minute tempo ‘run’ varying up and down  one resistance notch at high resistance. I am not quite at the program level...but like the last one I know this one will fall as well!

    Frick good luck at the Coke HQ in Atlanta…assuming that is where you are off to for Wk 3.

    @mosher – I too was sore yesterday from my all day work. I have the major DOMS going on right now…Kinda miss that feeling a little bit as long as it doesn’t lay me up. So far not too bad. Glad you are with us and several days ahead of us.

    @perthmom – glad you were able to stay fairly pure on the weekend…hope Week 2 is off to a great start for you.

    @ Amanda Joy – Love your attitude about the boards and signing back up. Just the way you blog about it…I can really tell that you know that you own this. I am not even going to wish you Good Luck this time coming up…No need…you already know you’re going to bring the trophy home!

    To the rest of the 9ers on the blog, a big be strong this week shout out and enjoy the sweat for it is progress being made!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • @Amanda Joy,  definitely feel less bloated after adjusting my diet.  I am technically on day 10 as of today and each day I feel better than the day before.  Both mentally and physically!  Look good FEEL good!  :)

    @run4life- My quads were so darn sore today it wasn't even funny!   I actually contemplated using the elevator at work instead of using the stairs..LOL!   Oh well, it just reminds me of how much I have neglected myself and how much harder I need to push myself!  

    All in all a great workout tonight with upper body.  Finished the evening with a protein drink mixed with oatmeal and fruit.  I was starving!    Hang in there everyone, it will be soooo worth it!  

    ~Nothing changes until SOMETHING changes~

  • @natalie----You will get it done, way to stay positive.

    @roe---Planning is the key I think. "flying by the seat of your pants" in this program is WAY too hard!

    @amanda--Thanks for the tip on the tens. I truly needed to be reminded of that!

    Cardio day for me today. I think that I am going do get on the bike. My knees have been hurting a bit since running on the beach in Florida a couple weeks ago and this weekend I am going to race in the Spartan Race so I want to give my knees as much "rest" as possible before Saturday.

    Week 2 here we go!

  • Morning all -

    Frick- Thanks for the added info on the 5-25 BP workouts...I gotta check out the rest of the info.  

    Run - Ya gotta check out the 5-25, especially if you are in a pinch for time.  I think it works best with just dumbell exercises...at least for me.  Use as strict as form as possible on all exercises and reps....By the time you hit that fifth round, you know that you are working.

    Welcome to the mix, RockinRoe - Get after it and post often to keep focused on the plan.

    Mosher - Break through the soreness and make sure to get in a good stretch before and after.  I know the feeling...I missed a leg workout last week and when I hit it hard on Sunday, I woke up pretty sore this morning.  Sore is better than fat...it means you are making progress.

    AJ- Thanks for the reminder on the tens...I'm gonna keep that thought tonight when I hit the UBWO.  Gotta get in a little cardio afterward as I missed it yesterday.  

    Good to hear from you Natalie....Congrats on your anniversary!!

    Ya'll have a great day!!!!  Gotta run to class.....


  • I tried the 5-25 style for my UB w/o today. It went fairly well, fast paced and productive.I really had to focus on maintaining good form in the last set...was getting a bit sloppy. Feels like my body got a workout, but I don't think I will do this all the time, maybe only now and then if I am in a time crunch.

    Sounds like most of us are getting into the groove of this Challenge... trying different things to see what works and what doesn't...creating a pattern for the daily workouts...noticing our weak points as they start to show up...dealing with the transition to a regular workout and nutrition program...leaving some of our old habits and patterns behind...it takes me a couple weeks to really establish my routine and then I feel like it's a normal way of existence! and then it's only a matter of carrying it on for the next 10 weeks or so!

    Have the best of days- hit those 10s!

  • Hi Everyone,

    It's been awhile since I checked in, and last week was hard (my week 3).  Did OK on the diet, but the workouts have been rough.  I got sick over Easter and missed my workouts Mon & Tue.  OK, no problem, back in the saddle again on Wed, felt weak but was proud of myself for going.  

    Worked out again on Thurs and Fri, but just couldn't seem to get my motivation and excitement back.  Didn't really hit my 10's, told myself it was because I was recovering from being sick.  Saturday was my free day, but then Sunday I skipped my cardio for no reason at all.  Oh no!  Mayday!  Mayday!

    It feels like the slippery slope, and I'm trying to claw my way back up before it's too late.  So Monday I pushed hard in my UBWO, and today I made it to the gym with an empty stomach first thing in the AM for my cardio.  I'm sore from yesterday, and feeling better, like I'm getting back on the wagon.  

    So, my goal is to post on the forum every day for the rest of my week (through Sunday).  This is what the forum is for, to support us when things feel hard.  I'm determined to do this.  I'm just discouraged that it's feeling so hard this early in the game.