January 9ers, C2, and April 9ers C1, let's start this new thread!

  • You know you guys are great! I had someone notice my weight loss and toning today.  It was really great and then To get on here and read all of the encouragement.  It made my day! Especially after all week taking care of a child with the flu! :( I will be coaching the 4/5; and 7/8 year olds in soccer tonight for my little girls but will be running for my cardio after that. Between the new Achilles and 6 months off of my feet-I have much further to go...but I started at no running at all to getting to a 12 min mile in 12 weeks. I ran 4 miles on Friday. Many eons ago I ran a 6:30 mile-so I figure at 40 if I work hard-I can get it to 7. Being in Texas-there are lots of hot mommas running-I just want to keep up with my teenagers! :) thank goodness for protein drinks and bars to keep me going!

    As a side note-hubby told me he got 2 miles in 18 minutes of the 20 today for cardio! So lots of progress all around!! Keep it up guys!!!! And keep posting!!!

  • Ok...I'm here...Got confused...thought I was on this forum and turned out I was on the young forum.  Whatever...I will be setting goals soon.  I don't know them all yet...but lose 10 lbs for sure!!!   I must have realistic goals!  They weren't so realistic last time!  

    Got to run to baseball games and take girls to dance...more later.


  • @thistime---welcome aboard, hope u hang in there.....this group is full of great idea and inspiration. you will be surprised at how fast 12 weeks go by and the results at the end are well worth the couple rough spots you will hit. When those rough spots hit, we will all help you through.

  • Happy to be joining my 9ers again! Upper body workout today.  I am also training for the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay so I got a 4.5 mile run in as well! And feeling good! This summer weather makes me want to be active outside all day long! I'm loving it!

  • Hello all,

    heading over here from the "young" board! Anyone else sore from yesterday? haha! I know I am!

    I realized during my cardio today that I am so out of shape... but not for long! Woo Hoo!! 82 days to the improved me :)

  • Oh everybody, this is so refreshing! After a long day, with lots of doubting myself, I come back here and realize this is what it's all about. I CANNOT BELIEVE i tried to ever do this without you guys. It seriously brings me to tears (I know, already?). Well I am sore from my workout yesterday, definitely!

    @Run: Get that room back together so you can get started! You but be itching to make some muscles sore!

    @Frick: I love reading your writing. Your prose is eloquent! I know what you mean about the spring breakers! The gym was insane, but that is so cool that you can run on the beach. Take care of those joints, and I'll see you back here tomorrow :)

    @Soccermom: I appreciated the email, and I can't wait to use all of those tips :)

    @ CG TeXAS: Nice to meet you :)

    @bucki: Can't wait to get to know you more!

    @batmarshall: Good to meet you!

    @ Aubreejo: hello! I am glad to be joining such an amazing group!

    @ thistime: You got this! Remember, week 6 is our week. Let's do this together!

    So guys, I am trying to to figure out my goals, because during the day (when I am not here) I just have thoughts that form out of nowhere that say, "You're not going to make it. You won't look like you used to..." And i have no idea where they come from! So, I am just trying to figure out how to set myself some specific, measurable, and achievable goals that will keep my going in those times. Any advice?

    Amanda Joy

  • @ Mom of Four...glad you found your parking space here lol...we've all been there.

    @hublgirl - welcome and you are right, you are already 2.4% of the way done. As bartmarshall posted...once it really gets into high gear...you will be amazed how fast it all goes by.

    @aubreejo11 - sounds like you are starting super strong already with the cardio, awesome! I remember hiking in those Wasatch Mountains for six weeks or so in Price Canyon. Steep. Not sure where the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay  is ...sounds like fun though...I'll have to Google it.

    @Amanda Joy - 82 more days those will be tears of joy as we all cry together! No advice on the goal setting...though mine is net loss of 79,200 calories (10 kg /22 lbs). That will put me at my undergrad college weight. I also need to work better on eating more cleanly... and  I have better tools now thanks to Frick and another person, TMastro...hope he will join us soon as well. He had great success on C1... Finally, I do have some summer events as well doing some activity with my daughter…I will post them later so you guys can hold my feet to the fire.

    All for now ...elliptical again for the cardio trifecta...UBWO tomorrow...even if I have to move the weights outside …36 degrees F.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hi All,

    I'd love to join you here, if I may!  I'm in week 3.  Weeks one and two went really well, then I got sick (sore throat/hacking cough) and missed my workouts on Monday and Tuesday.  Today I made it back to the gym and felt WEAK.  So I'm happy for the positive energy you've got going here.  Overall it's been going really well--at the end of week two, I've lost 4.5 pounds (total) and two inches off my waist.  So I just have to keep on keeping on, and I'll be strong and feeling good again soon enough.

  • Amanda Joy:  I know we all have that negative self talk.  When I hear those things - like you'll never change - you'll always be "ugly, fat, out of shape"....I say out loud That's not my thought. and This conversation is over.  I have actually said it audibly but softly when I have been in a public place.  It takes awhile to get rid of our negative self talk - but it can be done. And you will make it and you will succeed!


  • So this is the offical thread!!! for the Jan 9th C2'ers - the the April 9th C1'er...

    My focus this time around is my eating program. That is the hardest thing for, i travel alot for work, and meals are paid by my company so taking a cleint for dinner and letting them order = NO SELF CONTROL!

    However this time is different...

    But to all... keep up the good work ! keep it doing...

    Ill tell you guys I got very strong lifting. Increased my max by about 30% - benched press 345 lbs, my leg press 675 lbs , and was using 75 lbs dumbells for shoulder press!!!

    Even thought my scale said I only lost about 9 lbs, I lost inches in my waist and that to me is the most important!

  • Awesome job BKTUNA and glad you found us.

    You keep me honest with the eating and I will try to do the same.

    I too travel...not as much as I used to. When I did a lot of traveling internationally, it really built the carbo laden fat body I am now fighting...so I know it is hard ...but I know you can get it down with some selective eating choices. I have changed the way I eat now when I eat out and it has helped...through it is not always 100% clean...progress not perfection right!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hey 9’ers!!!  Yesterday was great.  Went to the gym in the evening and there were not any treadmills open so I relegated myself to the elliptical machine.  Ohman did I forget how hard the elliptical machine was!  I was still sore from LBWO the day before and my thighs were killing.  Did my 20 minutes then moved to abs.  Eating has been good and solid.  My berries are getting low so today I moved to grapes and oranges for my complex carbs. 

    So I might get weird here, but does anyone from C1 notice that their fat is coming to the surface?  So I was standing in the mirror last night and noticed that although my thighs are smaller, my bum and saddlebags are flabbier?  Does this make sense?  I would like to think that it’s because the fat is being pushed to the surface and is coming off?  I think before I had solid cold fat and now my fat is warming up and it being liquefied (this is the story I tell myself to feel better LOL!!!!!!!!)  Is anyone seeing the same thing?

    @Frick: would have loved to see you hurdle over the child…HAHA

    @Soccermom: Congrats on the hubby.  Wish my BF would join me on this journey.  He is naturally thin but comes from a lineage of diabetics.  At least he is eating healthy when I cook : )

    @AmandaJoy: It is difficult to set goals in the first week, but its good practice.  And remember that your goals will change.  Try to set “weight” goals, strength goals and then tangible goals.  For me it was to see collarbones and hipbones.  Also if you don’t have a lot of weight to lose, don’t set high weight loss goals.  It will only disappoint you.  C1 I really wanted to lose 20 lbs.  I came now where near that but did lose 10.  Now I want to lose another 10 and be able to see some lower abs (belly button up I am solid).  Good luck with your goals!!!

    @faith: getting sick happens. The key is getting back into it!  Don’t give up!! I got vertigo during weeks 10-11 of my C1.  It sucked.  But then I got better and hit it hard!  You can do this!

    @Bktuna: doesn’t it feel great to be strong.  I am not nearly as strong as you, but for a girl I think I do pretty well.  Its such an awesome feeling!!! Woot woot for you!!

    Alrighty everyone happy hump day!!!  UBWO for me later on tonight go little biceps go : )


  • Hey Everybody- I'd like to join in with you on this thread and Challenge as there seems to be a lot of talk about food- and I know that is where I have my focus this time around. I love the physical work-outs and do feel a lot stronger after the last Challenge I completed (Jan2-Mar25)... but I want to say bye-bye to the belly.  And what's that old adage..."you can't out-exercise a poor diet".

    I started on Apr 9, took my measurements and pics, did my goals. Now it's just a matter of doing it day in, day out!

    @ BKTuna- I thought I was a stud when I leg-pressed the whole stack on the maching-400 lbs--but you hit 675??!! Are you sure your name isn't Clark Kent? Mercy!

  • @natalieCA - interesting observation

    "So I might get weird here, but does anyone from C1 notice that their fat is coming to the surface?  So I was standing in the mirror last night and noticed that although my thighs are smaller, my bum and saddlebags are flabbier?  Does this make sense?  I would like to think that it’s because the fat is being pushed to the surface and is coming off?  I think before I had solid cold fat and now my fat is warming up and it being liquefied (this is the story I tell myself to feel better LOL!!!!!!!!)  Is anyone seeing the same thing?"

    I kinda feel the same as my arms have toned up and my legs have toned up and the backside is smaller and the waist has many notches off the belt...but I do notice that when I run or do the elliptical that my midsection, even though it is smaller, jiggles more. I know I have more to lose and most of it is there, but now it seems to have more/greater movement...Perhaps it is the soft coating covering a tighter core which is more ridged than it was before. Feeling the jiggles even more now though just make me workout mad at that portion of my body and I am stoked to try to shink it as fast as I can.

    I think I need to drop another 20+ lbs and hope to hit most of that with this C2 at that point I hope I will be close to having the midsection tone as well as other parts of my body that are resisting...so I am with you there...

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Advice on diet:

    this is what i will eat today...

    advantage shake

    1/2 whole wheat bagel w/ penut butter (iknow not the best but better than the 3 donuts i used to eat...)

    1/2 protein bar(the really big ones with 310 calories so i half it)

    advantage shake

    chicken breast veges and small portion of brown rice.

    whatcha think?