January 9ers, C2, and April 9ers C1, let's start this new thread!

  • Hey all! So, the other thread, the one with your battle cry name (January 9th woot!) was so long, and we are all getting a little confused. SO let's starts on this one. It isn't 47 pages long, and is just itching for some action! What do you say?!??!

  • I'm here.  Just finished my LBWO.  Will post goals for this challenge once I get my head around where I landed from the Jan 9 one (Good news all around)

  • oh man so many threads... LOL!!! im down.... triple the amount of accountablity!!

  • I am here as well...

    I think we should all circle back to the original thread and post come over come over and see how many we can pull.

    It nice to have a clean slate.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • So I made it over here! I had to rest the achilles this weekend bc I pushed it too had when I did weights on friday morning... But I am excited for this  new challenge and thread. I may not be as close as the rest of you guys but you inspire me to keep going until I reach my goal. I miss the workouts when I have to rest. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I leave the gym. It has helped me in so many ways. When I get discouraged I always seemed to find an email update waiting for me in my inbox. So the chaos of this weekend is over and my clean slate begins tomorrow morning! I hope to be running a 7 minute mile by October. I may be slow right now...but RUN4LIFE-you inspire me to  keep going! My hubby is down 35 pounds now and looking super slim! His C2 will be strictly muscle gain. It has been a great year! Have a great week of clean eating and work outs that bring a greater desire to keep going!!!

  • Run4life: I think you're right. . .everybody should go to the other thread and get everyone over here!

    Soccermom: I am actually brand new. . .2 days on this blog is it, and i feel like this is going to be the key to succeeding this time. I don't have anyone physically present that can hold me accountable, so you guys are it! Anyway, I, too, get injured easily. I have had bursitis in my hips, IT band syndrome, tendonitis, etc etc but I am trying to take it as easy as possible when I am not in the gym resting and icing. Keep up the good work Soccermom!

  • I made it over, hope veryone follows.

    Soccermom- that is a gret goal you have, 7 minute mile is nothing to sneeze at. Congrats to your hubby, 35 lbs is awesome.

    Lets all get this challenge off to a grat start, 12 weeks will be here before we know it!

  • Hello all! I made it over too.. took a little break on eating last week, even cheating on the vegan deal, but overall weight is still down 16 pounds since start of C1, so I'm happy- this is the least I've weighed in about 5 years. My women's triathlon training group is in its 7th week (I think), and the cardio has really ramped up.. probably an hour each day of swim, bike, run, or combos of them.. So I've backed off the weights= too tired for it!! But we are doing squats, planks, pushups, etc. so I'm not totally cheating on strengthening :)  Hang in there, everyone- sounds like C1 was good to us- and C2 will push us even closer to our goals!

  • Hey Bartmarshall...glad you are here.

    Help us leave enough bread crumbs on your original site to ensure that everyone who wants to stay with the group on the new blog site can.

    I know when I copied the list of posters from your original blog site that there were some who had been inactive for a while… so they might have dropped off, but I want to ensure that all others are with us.

    SoccermomGK1 - slow and steady. I know the hardest part, when you are injured, is to hang back a little bit to give yourself a chance to heal. It is better to go slow and heal than to push to stay on track with an artificial training schedule and find out later you have to stop.

    Love your goal of a 7 minute mile. That would be a huge stretch for me...go for it!

    Though I started my C2 on the 8th all I have done is cardio the past two days.

    I had to tear up the workout room to get to my twin water heaters for a repair...more of a mess than I planned. They are both fixed and all long term maintenance is complete...now I have to get the room put back together...it is a combo workout room and storage room. I need to fix that...less storage...more workout...everything just takes time ...right?

    Let's go strong 9ers.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hey Folks....I'm IN!!! Thanks to AJ and RUN for getting us a new home base.  I like the fresh start.  I REALLY like seeing all of those names listed from C1....Great job RUN!!!  C'mon guys lets keep everyone together for this next 12 weeks and beyond.  

    Last week was a good week of maintenance for me.  Had some great workouts and enjoyed some good meals without going overboard.   We had a celebration at an Amish restaurant for my parents 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday with a buffet style dinner.  I enjoyed that but pulled in the reins on the Easter Sunday dinner at my Aunt's house.  One plate, mainly clean foods and went without dessert.

    This week will be a tough way to start as I'm on spring break vacation and am going to be working on our rental property out of town until Friday.  I'm heading to the gym soon to get in my UBWO and then get on the road.  Will try to get some sort of leg work out in while I'm away...cardio shouldn't be a problem.

    Will post my goals for C2 when I return from the trip.  I'll be reading posts on my phone....Let's go 9ers!!!!


  • Hey buckibbq - glad you made it over...

    Amish food...sounds like Harville or perhaps Sugarcreek restaurant food.

    Love it ...did the same when I was in Ohio over the weeknd and that is why I am up 3 pounds...ugh....

    OK, more work just to get to the C2 weight starting line lol.

    SO it goes!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hey Guys Im new but read your original thread so i feel like i know you guys!   i have tried BFL many times but never get past week 5 or 6.  This time im in for the whole time.  One goal i have is to wear dresses and skirts and not have my thighs rub together LOL!  Cant wait to see everyone's progress!

  • Hey everyone!!! Hello to my OG 9’ners and to the new “prospect” 9’ners LOL!!  Hope everyone is having a great day.  I completed my first day rather successfully :)  The eating was great, but I think I was a bit protein light.  Today I will be adding more protein.  During my “off week”, I had cut back on protein intake because I wasn’t lifting as much.  But now that I am back to lifting, I will be back to eating the meat!  Did LBWO last night.  OMG was it amazing.  Its kinda funny bc I got onto the leg extension machine and I thought I had ripped something because my quads were popping out.  Then I realized that no, that was just my super strong muscly leg!!!  I was so proud of myself   Tonight I will be running.  Goal is to running 2 miles in 20 minutes with some sprints.  Lets see how that goes :)  Must say the eating plan is super easy now that I am on my C2.  Its like second nature!

    @Soccermom: a 7 minute mile??? Are you serious!!! Omg I would love to do that!! You go girl!!! Be that hot chick running super fast :)

    @Bart, CGtexas, Bucki:  So glad you guys migrated over!!! Cant wait to share the next 12 weeks with you!!!

    @bucki: Congrats for your parents on the 50th wedding anniversary!!! That is a huge accomplishment!!

    @Thistime: I also have the same goal for the thigh gap (although my bf doesn’t find it too attractive, but whatev) anywho, for now I love my bike shorts under my dresses and skirts :) they even act like a mini shaper LOL!

    @CGtexas: I also have a marathon (5K = marathon for me LOL) at the end of the month.  I am doing cardio every time I am in the gym too. I am soo jealous of you 16 pounds.  That’s soo awesome!!!

    Alrighty everyone have a great day…

    Off to post at the other two places LOL!!!


  • Soccer mom- I don't think I could run a seven minute mile ever! You GO!

    Natalie- Way to go signing up for the run.. I think having these fitness challenges on the calendar really helps keep you going strong.

    ThisTimes: You can DO THIS!

    Buck, Bart, Runforlife: Glad you all are here!

  • Yay! looks like we have a quarrum of regulars and one or two newbies on the way.  

    I have not set my formal goals, but think it will involve more of the same - less chocolate and alcohol, more protein and adding inches to the chest and arms.

    Day one was LBWO - feeling it alread on day 2.  

    Day two has been my cardio day - bike to the beach, run on the beach.  (~12 minute mile.  all I can say to Soccermom is Namaste...I bow to you)

    I haven't run on the beach since March 15th (and january before that).  Wow, it was crowded.  Spring breakers drinking beers, little kids, old folks.  All determined to get in my way.  I would love to hurdle over a little kid - just once.  While the scenery was motivating, I should probably stick to dawn patrol, where I can run in the soft fluffy sand instead of the hard-pack at the waterline.  I am sure I'll pay for it tomorrow with sore joints.

    Diet has been spot on with a little chocolate for my heart (LOL. JK.  It's for my sweettooth)

    Motivation for the day:  Our last day is the day before INDEPENDENCE DAY.  I'm sure there is a cheesy analogy someone can make about freedom from bad foods or our old body, but you get the gist....

    Hammer on 9er's  82 more of these.