Attempt #3 at Body For Life. . .Peers give me strength

  • Well, here it goes. Attempt number 3. Both attempts prior to this failed at 5 weeks. One reason for the failure was that I am a very poor student and ran out of funds to purchase healthy (expensive) foods, and had to resort back to ramen. . .and let me tell you. Ramen is not the food of choice when trying to get into shape. I am getting married right after I graduate from the Dental Health Science program at Pacific University here in Hillsboro, OR. I am so scared I won't look desirable on my wedding day (and wedding night!), and I just absolutely must do something about it! I have never told anybody these things, and that's my mantra for this whole challenge: Honesty and openness, with no shame. So all, here I am. Ready to get started on April, 9th. Who is with me? Go team!

  • Hi Amanda, congratulations on your upcoming marriage and graduation! All very great things to look forward to. :)

    I know how it goes trying to make this work on a budget. My husband and I are both students and have been living on a single income for a while. The biggest expenditure for me was that I did splurge on supplements. But I don't buy the expensive pre-made shakes or bars. Instead, I make my own shakes with vanilla protein powder. Buy a 25lb bag of brown rice. You can usually find this at international markets for very cheap. That will save a lot more money than buying smaller bags, and it should last the entire 12 weeks and then some. It also pays to stock up on a lot of produce when it's on sale. My local grocer just had sweet potatoes for 69 cents a pound so I bought about a dozen of those and stored them in my basement. If fruit is on sale, I'll buy a lot and freeze most of it to use in shakes, or thaw and eat raw. I also stopped buying a lot of pre-made stuff like salad dressing and pasta sauce. Another thing you can do is see if you have any friends who might be able to give you some kind of hookup. I have a friend who works for White Wave Foods and is getting me their $4 tubs of organic cottage cheese for half that price. I have it to where my daily food cost is around $10 per person per day. Not too shabby for two people who eat like horses.

    I think a key factor to not going broke on the Challenge is to always think ahead, and it's kind of the same way in life in general. Maybe in addition to gaining physical health you can get in the habit of being more creative with your food budget and that can go a long way too. :)

    Good luck!

  • Amanda Joy-go look for zaycon foods-they go all over the US. You can buy chicken breasts in bulk for $1.79/lb!! These are fresh boneless skinless breasts and are so worth it! you can even split the 40# box with a friend! It has saved us a lot to be prepared! We did it 10 years ago when my hubby was in grad school with 2 small kids! It helped if we used the protein powder and water-oatmeal is another good cheap carb! I can send you more ideas if you need it! Those little ones are now elite athletes and they like what I make for my family of 6 that are all BFL approved meals on a budget! (I have a degree but will stay home until the littlest one is in school) if you want to ask me questions... don't give up!

  • Well you haven't failed, because you are still here and still willing to work the program and get the results and body you deserve. For yourself and your new family.

    1. If you work it, it works. It's really that simple. Instead of worrying IF you will be at the right weight for your big day, you can Plan, Commit and Get the results that everyone else has. People here are testament that this program works.

    2. You are starting your third challenge that much wiser. You already know from the other times what works for you and doesn't and how to prevent injuries and recover quickly and good form! So you are ahead of the game you aren't starting over from square one.

    3. About eating ramen. This is your Body! You can't have a life without a body. You have to invest in it. Just like your education, lifestyle, car, wedding, family. Your body is worth investing in. If there is a will, there is a way.

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding and a great challenge photo-op!

  • I wish I had discovered BFL before I got married.  I was a size 16 on my wedding day.  I gained 20 pounds in the months leading up to it from stress and outweighed my groom by a good 30 lbs...and I married a very fit swimmer so I looked even sillier in my enormous white dress.  On the plus side, I know my darling husband (who is way too good for me) loves me for who I am and not how I look :)  Congratulations BTW and good luck on your new challenge!

  • Just remeber to keep your goals in mind and a good way to get more food for your money is to try shopping sales and using cupons but you can do it and i wish you the best of luck