Betagen and Muscle Armor

  • Hey, all! Just wondering what kind of results to expect with the Betagen (for myself) and Muscle Armor (for my hubs)? Are they worth the money? Also, who has tried the new Lean 15 powder and what did you think of it? :D:D


  • Same question on my end regarding the Betagen.  Is it's goal to get you lean and toned?  

  • My wife and I just started Week 6 and I have been using Phos Force for my preworkout and Muscle Armor for my post workout the entire time.  I found the Phos Force really gives me the boost I need to get everything out of my workouts.  I have found my body recovers quicker between sets.  I leave the gym knowing and feeling I got the most during my workout.  I take the Muscle Mass within 30 minutes after my workout and feel the difference almost immediately.  By the time I get back to work, I have regained my strength and don't feel the fatigue I had when I left the gym.  The instructions on the both bottles recommend taking both twice per day, but after consulting with others who've been working out much longer than me, I only use one serving per day for each of them.  My wife uses the Betagen and has been getting great results thus far as well.  I hope this information helps.  

  • Does that mean you can get results with the Betagen using only one serving per day?  I was really concerned about the 3 servings.  But I don't want to short change myself.  I'm ov er 60 - and working hard at changing my muscle definition. Hoping the Betagen will assist.


  • Proverbs31: Using three servings a day of Betagen is suggested for anyone with the goal of being lean and toned. You may still see results by only taking one serving per day, but it may take much longer. Have you taken a look at Muscle Armor? It has  50% more Revigor HMB per serving than Betagen. It's best to pick the product to match your goal, and then follow the usage recommendations on the label. Feel free to call us if you have more questions, 1-800-297-9776 M-F 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST. ~Tiffany @ EAS

  • I am considering the use of Betagen , perhaps as early as next week, but will search out the local best prices on it first. I don't usually do mail order because it sits out on my front stoop in the heat and exposed to possible theft when I am not home to receive said item in time. Also shipping of course adds to the cost of the item as well, plus I get Gold Card discount when I buy at GNC

  • So - if we do Betagen (or creqtine)  - we do it only on the days we work out - and not on the cardio days?