Week 8 and I seem hungrier & tired??

  • I am having cravings for everything this week!  I don't know if it is all the junk food around for Easter or what?!  I thought I had the nutrition proportion down and I notice that I am also not sleeping well.  Is it just me or is something going on?  Any ideas or do I need to add more calories... 


  • Sound to me like you may need to look at your balance of carbs and pro.  Whenever my diet was off balance, I would get bad cravings for anything I could not have. Cake was a big one. But if my diet was good and my blood sugar stayed level I was ok.  good luck and I hope this helps

  • I have not kept up with either except sticking with protien size (palm of your hand) and eating side salad or steamed/raw veggie per meal.

    Here is what I have been doing:

    Breakfast - 2 eggs & whole wheat toast (I did forget the toast this morning)

    Snack - Myoplex AdvantEdge

    Lunch - Grilled chicken salad

    Snack - Myoplex lite bar

    Dinner - Grilled meat w/side salad or raw veggie

    Snack - greek yogurt w/fruit

    I have been doing & I am in my 8th week.  I have switched to greek yogurt for breakfast too - eggs are getting OLD.

    Do I need to add more to my snacks?  I do wake up hungry on some nights and just eat a handful of nuts.

    Thanks for you help!

  • Hi Tonja, to me it looks like you are not getting enough carbs and that is probably why you are feeling hungry and having cravings... I don't see any carb listed for either lunch or dinner above...  or maybe you just didn't list them?

    I'd try adding a carb to lunch and dinner and see if that helps with your hunger!!

    Hope that helps!


  • Shari-

    Thanks, I guess I was just counting my veggies as enough carbs.  I added brown rice last night - it seems better.  I thought I was pregnant or something was wrong - cravings, ugh.

    I love your log on name too.  I need to make it my vanity plate name.  MRSATTADJBFL - ha!

  • some veggies count as carbs and some don't.  Sweet potato, corn, beans, squash count as carbs.  As do most fruits.  Lettuce, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, onions, etc. don't count as carbs but you are encouraged to eat these types of vegetables in at least two meals per day.

  • Tonja-

    OMG girl! I thought you were only having lunch with no carbs (based on our other thread), I didn't know you were using veggies as carbs throughout the whole day. NOW I know why you have been craving sweets. LOL..Yes, definitely add a quality carb to all of your meals. Do you have the book? Look on page 83 for examples.


  • T-

    I actually have the books of champions and I keep wondering if it is different.  Let me skim thru it.  I haven't opened it up since I started.  I bought the journal/success book and I just put all my info in it.  I guess I missed having an actual quality carb.  I just counted my veggies as carbs.  I just started noticing these horrible cravings at week 8.  I made some brown rice with my dinner - guess what they are gone today.  So... I'll look at my book.  

    Have a Happy Easter,


  • Hi Tonja, Glad adding the brown rice helped.  Sometimes it's the little things!!  As for my screen name, it actually is from our boat, we named our boat Attitude Adjustment because that is what happens when you are out on it for the day!!  I just thought it fit here as well... getting an attitude and physical adjustment!!  :)  

    Have a great day!

    Happy Easter


  • Tonja,

    Wow I didn't know from our Getting Started thread either what your meals looked like. I had a lot of insomnia when I first started because I was actually skipping Meal #6 a lot. Now that I'm eating another meal 60 - 90 minutes before bed everything is copacetic.

    I have the Champions book too, it has helped some but never really laid out the guidelines clearly.

    I shoot for 0.9 - 1g carbs per lb of body weight and 1.0 - 1.2g protein per lb of body weight. Vegetables contain very few carbs and a ton of fiber so you should definitely turn to starches (potatoes and rice), fruit, and whole grains to get your carb intake up.

    Also, are you eating pretty much that exact list every day? I would highly recommend changing it up. Your metabolism will actually get "used" to certain combinations of foods and stop getting the most out of what you're eating, mentally and physically. I notice this problem personally if I eat leftovers too many days in a row. The body thinks "Wait a sec, we had this not too long ago!" and all of a sudden your system acts like you ate nothing at all. It doesn't happen with everyone but it does happen to some people. And just like how the book and this site recommends you switch up your workout routine every 4 weeks, I think the same can be said for eating. I try to eat different foods and meals every single day and rarely have cravings as a result. Maybe it would work for you too?

    Good luck and have a lovely Easter weekend!

  • And the AdvantEdge RTD's have very low carbs, so when I drink those, I add a fruit or something.  Makes me feel fuller than just drinking that by itself.

  • I started using www.livestrong.com to track what I eat.  It keeps track of your carb & protein count for the day.  I use it because it has an iPhone & iPad app that syncs with the website.  The website will concentrate on calories, but I don't pay attention to it.  I track every meal with it and am able to see if I am not getting enough carbs or proteins.  I hope it helps.

  • Hey Tonja... i felt the same way during week 8.  The best thing to do is to listen to your body.  If you are hungrier, then eat.  if you are tired, then take a day off.  Listening to your body is so important.  Remember that slow and steady wins the race.  Good luck!

  • Thanks for all the input!  I am actually looking into many of these!  Also, adding brown rice is helping me sooo much.  Also, my free day was full of good old southern cooking which also helped.  I will have to look athe www.livestrong.com website and check out the apps for other smartphones too.  MW, I have kept it pretty simple about the food too.  I am not a cook & with 2 young kids starving at night.  I learned quickly pre-cooked chicken is the way to go & salad or I start getting off track.  I do grill steaks & pork chops as well, but is similiar to my menu above.  So far, I haven't gotten too tired of it.  

    MRSATTADJBFL, love it the boat name too!  My parents had a boat when I was younger & it was Days Delight!  Our last name was Day!

    Optigirl, I didn't think about the carbs in my drink!  I might change to another type for the rest of my challenge.  I bought the pre-mixed one at Sam's and I picked the one that gave me more for my money $$.  I believe Sam's had myoplex lite too and I'll check the carbs on it.