Day 2

  • It's only day two and I'm struggling!  I want to have a glass of wine that I know is up in my cupboard!  I ate a Luna bar and a little bit of coffee instead.  I've got to make this work!  Any suggestions on how to get past those hard times?

  • Hang in there Jenny! It gets easier literally every single day. Pretty soon you will not only have the willpower but the desire to wait for those things. I think your substituting it for something nutritious is a good step to take. It will satisfy hunger pangs and hopefully keep your mind off it.

    Having said that, the book does say that you can have 1 or 2 glasses of wine a week if you choose. So don't feel like you have to completely abstain. There are varying opinions on this forum about the positives and negatives of consuming alcohol during the Challenge but if Bill says it's admissible then I would think it's OK. I have had a couple glasses during the Challenge, usually if friends come over for dinner.

    I think the best thing to do is just remove the temptations from your home, if you can. And set boundaries for yourself. It's easy to allow yourself little "cheats" that can add up big time in the end. Is there any way to give these things to a friend or coworker who will keep them either until the end of the Challenge or until your Free Day? That can be helpful. If you feel like you have to have a glass of wine, maybe say "I will have one glass a week when friends are come over to visit or I get some good news." I have done this before and it works quite well, plus it gives the moment some purpose.

    Don't fret, we have all been there and that inner strength is sometimes harder than what it takes to reach a 10 in your workouts, but it feels just as good when you get past it!

  • I had to pour out my half-finished bottle of white wine.  Alcohol abuse, I know!  But I couldn't stand seeing it there in my fridge.

  • I am on day 4.  My sister is down visiting from MI.  We were sitting outside visiting and I poured us each a glass of RED wine... I just sipped mine very slowly (the glass lasted about 2 hours!)  I too saw where Bill says 1 or 2 glasses a week is ok and I also saw one of the sample meal plans here on the site that said a glass of wine was ok.... but I do agree that if you want to have it make it for a special reason, not just cause it is in your fridge or cabinet!  If my sister was not here to share it with I would probably have waited to my free day (or at least dinner with friends Fri night) to enjoy my wine (which I love BTW!  lol)  

    You are doing great by finding something else to substitute for it at this point!  When you get those cravings write down what you are craving and then be sure to indulge in that on your free day... hopefully that will keep you from craving it again on your work days (saw this tip elsewhere on the site)

    Good luck!  You can do it!!!  We can do it!!!  :)

  • Since Sunday is my free day - I put a label over the wine label - and it says Sunday's Comin'...One of the BFL people makes a list of what she wants to enjoy on her free day which helps her look forward to it - and it helps to stave off the temptation.  My best motivation - my before pic!

    Best to you,