Any One Else Hit A 6 Week Wall???

  • So I am on my 6th week of BFL. I have not missed a workout and have been eating by the book. I also count my calories out of habit and eat around 1500 calories a day and have equal carbs to protein at 1 gram per pound of my weight. This week has been a struggle for me. I am tired all the time despite sleeping a good 7-8 hours a night.  I am constantly sore! Constantly! My legs right now feel like 40lbs. bricks and I feel like I am shuffling my feet instead of walking.

    I was wondering if anyone else in their 6th week or beyond has hit a similar wall of no energy. If so, did it go away? Did you scale back your workouts in intensity? Or are you still tired every day?  Did you do something different to bring back your energy? Eat more? Eat different macronutrient ratios?

    As a side note, I haven’t really lost any weight and I still look exactly the same and measure exactly the same. The ONLY difference I see is in my arms. They aren’t as flabby and have some shape to them now. However, I’ve always been prone to getting buff arms by just touching a weight. Also, I am overweight, so it’s not like I only have 10lbs. to lose. I have a substantial amount of fat to lose.

    All in all, if I hadn’t set my first goal as, “Complete the 12 weeks,” I would have quit by now because I feel so tired and this isn’t working. Can anyone give either some advice or maybe just a “Don’t worry, this is normal,” comment?

  • Hi Fithasafeeling,

    I am on my first challenge week 9 currently.  I have had several times that I have felt completely drained, sore, and discouraged.  I also set very low expectations with my first challenge.  I have made a commitment to myself that I WILL finish at least 12 weeks.  What I have found is that when I am feeling really sore I try some Advil and maybe some extra protein for that day.  I also drink a muscle milk on my lifting days and I really think that helps my body recover.  How is your water intake?   I find that when I have a bad day just focusing on the fact that I finished the days workout to the best of my ability and knowing tomorrow brings a different workout helps, if that does not work then at least you are one day closer to your free day!  I believe in the program and would only tell you that you are not alone.  Stick with it, stay strong, and you will be happy in the end!  Best of luck!

  • Thanks Andys10,

    Maybe increasing my protein might help. I already drink two protein shakes a day. One for Meal 2 and one for Meal 6. Maybe I should drink one first thing in the morning? I don't know.

    On the water front, I drink anywhere between 1-2 gallons a day. I am on Myfitnesspal and it has a water counter on it and I even log that.

    I'm going to soldier on because I set out to, but I feel like I'm about to hit my mental block where I flip out and just say, "This crap isn't working! Why am I busting my tail for nothing?!?!?!?!?"

    I'm just struggling this week...

  • Hi Fithasafeeling,

    I am starting week 7 and I go up & down being tired myself.  Also, I have an extra shake/bar on wieght days to keep my energy up which helps and every night I have greek yogurt before bedtime.

    I worry that maybe your calorie in take is too low this will not help your soreness, but it will help your energy.  Also, what are you doing on your free day?  You may need to make sure your protien is up!  I notice that my free day sometimes has less protein than the rest of the week which then I decided to stick with my bars & shakes.  I don't know if you measured yourself or took a picture, but this may help - I didn't see alot of difference in my pics, but there was less of me!  I did a fitness assesment at our Y at the beginning of my challenge and used it as my goal - started below average & my goal is to be above average at the end of the challenge and of course, I see less of me at the end.  This way its not all about weight.  

    My BBF is doing weight watchers and has lost over 25lbs and I haven't seen these results, but I know that I can do alot more with my body than she is!  I can jog/walk 2.15 miles in 20min!  

    Keep it up!  I have read so much on the forum - look at some of the forums that are almost finishing & get some inspiration.....

  • I forgot to ask are you taking any supplements?

  • Honestly...,I think you need an extra day of rest. It sounds as if you are doing everything else right. One extra day off isn't going to destroy your progress..and make sure youbactuallyntaking your free day and eating at least one cheat meal...