• I have finished week 3 and the scale reads the same. I have lost 1" on my waist, feel better and tighter but no weight loss. I know muscle weighs more than fat but when does the scale turn? Please help!

  • As frustrating as it is, I've heard a lot of people don't see a lot of change until week 8-9, and then its all of the sudden. I've heard its worth it-keep it up!

  • Hi KTrantham

    Don't be discouraged! This is normal. I am finishing up my 9th week and I have only lost a few pounds of scale weight. But I have lost inches, my body fat % continues to go down. Plus I am toning up everyday.

    It wasn't until my 6th week before I lost a single pound. It will happen just eat clean and follow the program.

    Something I learned while on this program is that it is a misconception that muscle weighs more than fat. The true is a pound is a pound no matter if it is fat or muscle. The difference fat takes up 5x more space than muscle. So theoretically someone could weigh the same at the end of their challenge but but 2-4 pant sizes smaller.

    When I started the program I found it hard teat all six meals because I wasn't hungry. But in the last week or so I am hungry even between my six meals. So I have recently learned to listen to my body. My metabolism is running full speed now and requires more food. You will find this to so too. Just make sure you add in clean foods not processed foods. For example; I have added about 100 more calories to my meal plan. I added 3 more egg whites to my breakfast. I switched out a Myoplex Lite Bar for Steel Cut Oats with a 1/2 scoop of whey protein and apples instead.

    One thing I did to help me along my journey was I started a blog on blog spot. It helps to look back to see how far I have come in my challenge not just in weight loss but in knowledge of nutrition etc.

    Feel free to check it out. I have my meal plans on there from along the way. It may help you too. Hope this helps!




  • I appreciate the quick responses. Any advice on supplementation for fat loss? I've read about CLA and 7-keto, any suggestions? ALSO, I'm really fatigued in the gym, any supplement suggestions?

  • Just means your body is finally working, and working hard.  Just be sure to drink lots of water :)  Push through the fatigue! You got it!  Good Luck!

  • Don't worry, I am coming up on the end of week 4 and I have lost about .5 lbs. I did the challenge years ago and I didn't lose any weight, but I had muscle tone that was obvious to not only me, but everyone else. Plus I felt like I could run forever.

    One thing I didn't do in my first challenge was get in that 6th meal, and my BF% didn't change a whole lot. So I agree with Zavi, make sure you get in all your meals so your body won't hold on to fat. The book even says that the goal is to reduce your body fat, not scale weight. I have a friend who's been lifting weights forever and she weighs more than me. However, she looks like she only weighs about 115 pounds and she is ripped. That was proof enough for me to know that the number on the scale is not important.

    I always reimind myself it didn't  take 3 weeks to look the way I do, and it's not going to take 3 weeks to get the body I want.

    Good luck and keep pushing.

  • I'm right there with you. I only weigh in once every 2 weeks so I don't get "scale brain" and get demotivated. When I weighed in at week 2 I had actually gained a pound! I was floored. So I took a pinch and found my body fat was down by almost 2%! Holy cats! And my waist and thighs were down, and my arms and calves were up. Now it's week 4. I have lost a whopping 1 pound since I began and all my other numbers are down further (almost 3% body fat decrease, a full 2" off my wearing waist, and my calves are so big my hipster skinny jeans don't fit any more!).

    So don't fret, and don't panic if you see your weight flatline or even increase. Your body is going through a significant change, both in habits and composition, and the scale is not your friend right now. I don't really know if scales are truly anyones' friend since I no longer view thin as healthy, necessarily.

    Hang in there and watch the changes happen in your body and mind, not in a set of numbers by your toes.

  • It's not uncommon at all!  Just continue keeping your measurements, take pictures for yourself to motivate you.