Mild lapse... take a free day?

  • Preamble: I have followed the Challenge to the letter. Read the book three times before starting. Never cheated with food. Only missed one workout because I forgot my gym closes early on the weekends. Seeing amazing results (internal and external) and it's only the start of Week 4 for me. Okay then.

    Today started off innocently enough. I had a protein smoothie for breakfast, EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control bar for lunch, and then went with my husband to a place in town that sells killer pressed Cuban sandwiches and rice bowls. They know me as a regular as well as an Elite Yelper that has done a lot for them online. Today, they offered to have me try their new pressed chicken sandwich: Grilled onions, grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, lime-and-garlic aioli (egg-free), and a few potato straws. Sounded great to me. I gave them some constructive feedback. Once I was done, the owner then brought out a simply gorgeous homemade flan. She said it was in gratitude for being her "test subject" on the sandwich and giving them some great ideas. I couldn't turn it away. In addition, my husband is allergic to dairy so he couldn't eat any of it.

    So I ate the flan. I ate the whole thing.

    Sometimes you can't just say "No thank you" and this was one of those times.

    The rest of the day is devoted to good, clean eating (dinner is grilled turkey and basil burgers with grilled asparagus and a simple green salad, no dressing). I am still going to the gym tonight to do upper body with my husband.

    Looking at my nutrition for the day, I am probably only over on sugars. Protein is good, carbs are a little high (hence omitting them from my dinner), fat is within range.

    Should I take today as a Free Day? Or keep with my current routine which is to have Saturday as my Free Day? My Free Days usually just involves a Free Meal. My husband and I don't like to eat out very much and I moved away from fast food, giant pizzas and soda ages ago.

    Thoughts, anyone?

  • I would just stay with your routine; as long as you stay on track you should be could

  • I agree with wayoflife, you should move forward as usual!  It is an opportunity to acknowledge that life will never goes as planned and that you can have this happen and it doesn't have to throw everthing off!  You ate it, enjoyed it, and continued as usual with your workout for the day.  Healthy reaction!

  • Seeing as your usual free day only includes 1 free meal, I wouldn't sweat it.  I wish I would 'evolve' to do just the 'free meal'.  Mentally, I need the whole day, but I end up getting so incredibly full on that first meal, that I'm not hungry for hours, then only have about 3 meals for the whole day.  And I don't think I will ever be over those last foods you mentioned at the end.  At least now I opt for "Newman's Own' brand or similar, so it's not so junky.

    It sounds like you are doing wonderfully so far!!  

  • I would move forward.....I had a couple of rough days with my 2 year old last week with a high fever and just too tired to worry.  I just watched my proportions and made it to my workouts.  Don't be too hard on yourself just make sure you get back on track which is the most important.

  • It is not a big enough road bump to worry about. Just keep going strong and maybe just have the free meal.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Thanks for the support everyone! This has all made me feel a lot better. I know cheating happens... I just want to make sure I'm getting the most out of the Challenge. Amazingly enough I didn't get a headache from all the sugar in the flan and grilled up my basil turkey burgers for dinner. I managed to keep my carbs under control for the day and killed it last night with upper body and a beautiful run outside this morning. So, back on track!

  • I dont feel you should have to take a free day for one dessert if your good about it i had the same thing kinda happen today me and my girlfriend dont have air right now so we decided to go get ice cream and sit in the air i think if it happens once in a while it can not hurt but just get back on track and keep up your good work.

  • Hi ya'll. My first free day was Sunday (*my 68th birthday)...didn't go completely overboard. Actually I didn't even want to.  This weekend I'm going to California.  I've been using Sunda as my cheat day.  Can I change it to Saturday so I don't have to be concerned with where and what I'm eating without messing up my pattern?  We are comoing back Sunday, so mostly driving. I don't want to blow this - I only have about 7 more weeks until I see my husband.  Thanks you guys.  You're the best!