• Is there anything I can do to expedite that transformation? some of the transofrmation stories indicate forty minutes of  ardio instead of twenty.  I have ten weeks until I see my husband, not twelve.  I will be with him during weeks 11 and 12.  I want to look significantly better (different) than I do now. Thank you.

    YOu guys are the best.


  • Stick with the program and you will look significantly different.

    As far as speeding the change up by adding cardio, the answer is probably not.

    First off if you are doing the cardio correctly then you won't be able to do 40 minutes.

    Not saying you can not do 40 minutes of heavy cardio, but if you are giving your true 9's and 10 where you are supposed to then you will be spent at the end of 20 minute.

    The other thing is after about 20 minutes you body stops burning fat cells for energy and starts attacking the muscle which will actually slow your results.

    Now, you could possibly do a little lighter cardio on your non cardio days but I wouldn't do it thinking it will speed your results up. First off the more you do, the more you will need to eat.

    I thought about it myself, but not for the purpose of getting faster results but instead for increased endurance since I am planning on entering a mudder (warrior dash) in the fall which is about a 3.5 mile mud race/obstacle course. However, for now I am going to hold off and worry about that as I get closer to the time of the race.

    I do plan on doing something physical though on my off days.

    Not necessarily a work out, for instance today I went indoor rock climbing.

    Or I might do some mountain biking or whatever.

    The 3 biggest mistakes people make when trying to get in shape is

    1) Doing too much aka over training.

    2) Not eating enough

    3) Expecting too much too fast. - It can be just plain discouraging.

    It took you X number of years to get in the condition are in, don't expect results over night.

    That all being said, I guarantee you that if you stick with the program to the letter, don't cheat except on your cheat days (but don't over do it) your husband will notice an amazing difference in 10 weeks.

    Good luck and happy training.

  • All good observations

  • Than k you all - I must say there is no way I can do more than 20 minutes of cardio...I am spent at 18 minutes!  In 9 hours and 24 minutes I will be 68. So far. I've stayed with the program - workouts/cardio, and eating. I'm using Myoplex - and recently purchased Betagen - wondering when to start using it.  I will begin my 4th week Monday, I've lost 6 pounds, and 4 inches off my waist. Sooooo - so far so good. Thanks again. Love this forum!

  • You are doing great!! Keep it up. Even after 10 weeks you will see signifigant improvements. All the best!!

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