Questions on my meal plan

  • On Monday I will start my 9th week. I have some questions on my meal plan. Up until today I have not counted any calories, fat etc. I have only been controlling my portion sizes and eating clean. On my free days I only use a free meal (usually allow myself a fatty food but I still watch my portion sizes) But today I decided to use to calculate my calorie intake, just to see where I stand. I have been eating 1368 calories a day, 30g fat a day, Sodium 1391mg a day, Potassium 1081mg a day, Carbs 140g a day, Fiber 32g a day, Protein 148g a day. My question is, is this enough going into weeks 9-12? I have noticed I am a little more hungry between meals. 

    To help you give me advice, below are my stats of where I am and where I want to be along with my current meal plan, Supplements and water intake.



    Height 4'9" Would like to be at least 5' LOL!

    Weight 128 Would like to be 115 or less

    Body Fat  Starting 30% Current 28.5% Last checked 4 weeks ago. Will be checked again on Monday. I know I have lost more. Would like to be 19% or less

    Clothing size 6 snug Would like to be a size 4 


    6am daily M0n-Sat) Making sure I hit my 10's every time!

    Supplements Daily-

    4 HMB pills 3x a day

    4 pills Slim CLA a day (It contains 1500mg CLA, 200mg L-Carnitine & 100mg Green Tea Extract each dose and each dose is 2 pills)

    4 pills Green Tea with Hoodia (each dose is 2 pills 630mg Green Tea per dose & 25mg Hoodia)

    2 pills L-Carnitine (each dose 1 pill each dose 500mg)

    2 Fiber Choice Chewables (each dose 2 chewables each 4g)

    Meal Plan-

    8am Meal 1- 1 whole egg & 1 egg white scrambled with spinach, peppers, onions mixed in along with 2 pieces of turkey bacon.

    10am Meal 2- Premier Protein Bar ( 280 calories, Fat 7g, Carbs 23g Protein 30g)

    1pm Meal 3- 4oz Bonless Skinless Chicken Breast & Steamed Broccoli

    3pm Meal 4- Myoplex Lite Bar

    6pm Meal 5- Same as lunch but I add a carb

    8pm Meal 6- 1/8c Greek Yogurt with small handful of oats, raisins and walnuts mixed in.


    Any help with this would be great! I want to max out my last 4 weeks and burn off the rest of my body fat!


    Thank you! I hope you are all doing well with the program!!!! Stick with it!!!



  • Hi Zavi,  I am definitely not a nutrition expert, but just from glancing I think that you can afford to increase your intake of egg whites in the a.m.  

  • Thanks Peach Sonria!

    I forgot to mention.... In the past I would on an average only lose 2-3lbs a month even during my first 4 weeks of this program. But the last 4 weeks I have lost 5-6lbs and the only thing I did different was I started taking all the supplements. Before now I would never take any supplements.

    So if someone could be so kind and analyze my supplements, calories and food intake and make any other suggestions that would be great!

    I welcome suggestions from anyone but, I really need someone who has successfully completed a whole 12 week program  and can tell me what to do differently in my last 4 weeks!

    Thank you again!   


  • I just received some great advice from the EAS support line on my meal plan. You can call 1-800-297-9776 with any questions about the program.

    I will be adding more eggs and eliminating my turkey bacon with my 1st meal, adding a carb to my lunch and possibly switching my last meal to oatmeal with whey protein in it.

    Thank you support line