Week 4 - Need some Lower Body Options

  • Hello all!

    I'm now into the 2nd day of week 4 in the challenge.  Things have been progressing great, and I'm already finding myself needing to do some increases of intensity on my upper body, cardio and lower body workouts.  I've been able to hit those 9's and 10's on upper body and cardio pretty consistently, but the lower body workouts have been peaking at 7's and 8's.  Sadly, the days of lower body exercising almost feel like a waste, because I'm not hitting those peaks.

    My setup:

    Dumbbells from 5-35 lbs (all 5 lb increments in between)

    Adjustable incline weight bench


    Stationary Bike

    Right now I'm using the 35 lb dumbbells for all my 6 rep, and 2 X 12 rep sets, and unfortunately I'm just not getting the intensity levels I expect.  I find myself shaking more in the upper body from holding the weights for the long duration, than I actually feel from the muscles that I'm supposed to be working.  I've considered going out and getting 40, 45, 50 lb dumbbells, but I wanted to come here for some ideas.  My space is limited in the house for equipment and I'm trying to keep the convenience of being able to wake up and walk downstairs to do my workout.

    Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Bryan,

    Have you looked into the adjustable weights from Bowflex or Nautilus?  They take up minimal space and mine adjust from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds.  Good luck!

  • one-legged squats

    lunges with your back foot on a chair

    one-legged deadlifts

    one-legged pelvic hip raise

    Sorry I don't have any links to these, but a basic site like bodybuilding.com or something like that probably has pictures of these.  Most of these don't even need weights.  Just trying to do something on one leg puts all your weight on that one leg.

  • Bryan,

    Check out this link: www.shapefit.com/training.html

    It’s  a really cool website.  You can learn the proper way to do all sorts of exercises at the gym or at home and avoid hurting yourself.

    Enjoy!  Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for all the suggestions folks!  I'll check them all out.