Young and just signed up for April 9th!!!!

  • Thanks!

    "...I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."

  • Thanks run4life!!!  It is always better to have people on here giving those encouraging words when we need them!

    I am feeling more motivated today.  Although my supplements that I have been taking are really messing up my stomach.

    Anyone have some better suggestions?

    Right now I am taking the GNC Women's Ultra Mega Active.  There are 6 pills in a packet.  I just think it may be too harsh on my tummy...  :(.

    Anyway, Happy Hump Day!!!!!

  • @jnjmartin  - I used to take those too and it was just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much for me to handle. The ones I took for sure were the CLA and a multivitamin. Taking that many pills creeps me out anyways, haha!

    "...I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."

  • Good to know, thank VallieGirl!!  Think I may try to return them tomorrow and see about getting my money back.  They were pretty expensive....

  • Well, had a great cardio day w/ Zumba!!  The weekend was good.  Had my daughters 8th birthday party so i had a BIG piece of cake on Saturday (my cheat day)  and boy was it good.  Although my tummy wasn't too happy with me afterwards.

    Didn't get in a workout on Sunday or Monday but ate well.  I'm having tooth problems so trying to stay medicated w/ advil until I can get my permanent crown put on next week....   So, I get a little grouchy and haven't been able to get in 6 meals a day but still eating well.

    Well, I hope to see more people back on here soon.  No ones been posting since last Thursday...  :(

    Have a great day All!!!

  • I guess no one is posting here any more?????