Young and just signed up for April 9th!!!!

  • Thank you Amanda for the link and for the friend request!  We CAN do this all the way to week 12 and beyond!

  • My husband and I started today. About to start my first workout and I know I am going to be hurting.  Good luck everyone!!

  • Okay guys, Day 1 down!

    SO, like lots of us, I had my first day today. The eating was a little off because I wasn't able to pre-cook everything in time (I decided last minute to do this today) but I still ate very clean, I just don't think I ate enough.

    I am getting home tonight at 9:00 and I am going to cook all my meat for a few days at once. Because failing to plan is planning to fail, right?

    My UBWO was Fab! I hit a 10 in my shoulders, bi's and tri's, but not for chest and back. It is definitely still a little funky though, you know? It's like, you get in there for your first time and it is all really new, and you are grabbing at dumbbells like they're candy, and it is just very. . .new. But it was fun, and I can see how after a few weeks you get used to it and know what your body wants. . .what do you guys think that have done challenges before? Does your body get the hand of where it wants to be weight wise?

    Let me know :)


  • Hey AJ

    Best piece of advice is to somehow stack up your weights so taht at the last set (the one where you do 6 reps) you are near muscles failure.  Its has to be you against the weight.  You have to remember this or you may not be doing your full potential.  Also by going heavy on the 6 reps, you are strong enough to do the back to back sets of 12 reps at the lower weight.  A lot of it is trail and error and you will get a hand of where you should be.  Also remember to write everything down.  You will want to track your progress :)  Yay for you and your first day.  I will do my LBWO tonight when I get home after work.  



  • @Nats- That was definitely what I was doing, and It is good to know my interpretation of the book is what is being perpetuated in this community. Good to know I got it right!

    The awkward part for me was when I did decrease the weight for the 12X12 at the end, more often than not the weight for the second 12 needed to be heavier since the exercise was different and engaged different accessory muscles, while the first 12 I decreased the weight (as recommended in the book) to the same weight that I used for the "8-reps set" , but it was too heavy (could only complete 3) and had to decrease it to the weight that I used for the 10 reps. Does that make sense?

    If it is hard to explain in written text, you can imagine how awkward I looked doing it! Haha, I felt so silly, running around, grunting, etc. . .

  • Day One - Hit the gym at 5:00am and had a great workout, I really thought I'd be tired all day however I made it through with no problem at all.  I really felt like I did nothing but eat all day long, that part will take some getting used too.  I hope everyone's first day was a success.  I look forward to reading this thread throughout the day so everyone keep posting.

  • After 7 years away from BFL, I logged on to the website this afternoon and was inspired to start again.  By the time I could fit a workout in this evening, it was close to 8:30 and the excuses began.  Because of this forum and the enthusiasm of the people here and in the FB group, I shoved the excuses aside, and armed with my BFL logbook and a water bottle I reintroduced myself to the weights in my basement.  After the first muscle group was done, I was asking myself why I had stayed away for so long.  It was like coming home because I know this program works!  There's so much flexibility built into it.  I expect to be sore all week long but I welcome the reintroduction to my long-lost muscles.  I'm so glad I didn't let those excuses get in the way tonight.  I look forwarding to HIITing the treadmill tomorrow!  Good night fellow BFLers and thank you for the inspiration to start again.

  • Way to go JoKing! I will be HIITing the 'mill with ya, and at 5:00, so I'll be posting early! Let's meet back here tomorrow night. Shred it buddy, see ya then!

  • i just joined yesterday!!! i'm excited.  it is my first time doing this so i will need a lot of help when week 3 comes around.  I LOVE THE FACEBOOK GROUP!!!    please let me know if it does get started so i can join!

  • i worked out yesterday but i cheated because  i had three pieces of hershey chocolates.  I took all the candy the threw it in the trash!  hopefully today i will be strong.  I tend to struggle wtih the strong part.  But i'm not giving up, no matter how long it takes me to get it right!!!!

  • grettyt - the Facebook group is up and running...the link is below...send a join request once you are logged in.

    Hope it works and we'll see you there!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Day 1 was harsh. I felt really awkward carrying my book around and trying to figure out the weights.  It took me an hour and a half to finish all the sets.  I am hoping that the weight part will get easier to understand.  Because it took longer to complete the workout, I didn't have time to get my last meal in. Hopefully, today will be better.

  • It's awesome to see everyone working so hard! Great job on day 1 everyone!

    Just checking in, cardio done! What an awesome way to start the day! Good luck today all!

  • Hey Group! Just basking in the after-work-out glow, eating my eggs and oatmeal. Yum. I actually have developed a real affinity for this breakfast...after 84 days of it i still ate it during my 2 week active rest period!

    I do my cardio on MWF and weights on TuThSat, so today was my first LB w/o...gonna be sore in a couple of days! It felt good to be at it again- there's something about exercising that just makes me feel good! Could be the psych lift from knowing that I am doing something great for myself (regardless of how inept I may appear to the "gym rats"). And I know that if I accomplished it today, that is all I need to do...I can't do tomorrow's w/o today! It'll just have to wait until tomorrow...

    @jlcrum-did the w/o session get any easier? Was most of your time spent setting up the machines? I ask only to make sure that you are not  over-doing with too many exercises...and hour and a half is a long time!

    Can't wait to hear how today went for ya'll. Check in!

  • @jlcrum - it will get easier and more efficient as you get settled into a routine...

    ...I remember being the same way at the start as well until I found a routine that worked.

    Keep going strong!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!