~~~ A Little HELP PLEASE~~!

  • i started today and i'ts been so long. I'm a little lost as to where to look for lifting workouts for woman.! any pointers?

    thank you!!

  • I use the tab up top called Library, then Exercise for a list of possible exercises combinations.  I also used the BFL book to look at pictures when I first started.  Then on the tools tab, there are forms you can print off to write everything down. Before I started, I printed off a page of upper body, lower body and cardio and then made copies and made myself a notebook that I carry to the weight room with me.  It's so much easier to plan ahead and know what exercises you're choosing for that day and have them already written down!  I check them off as I do them. But a spiral notebook would do good too as long as you write it down the way it's suppose to be done.   Also, on the Tools tab toward  the bottom there are exercise animations for proper form.

    Here was an example of my workout the first week- Upper Body Chest Workout

    Set              Exercise        Reps        Weight           Rest Between Sets

    1            Dumbbell press  12             10 lbs                1 Minute

    2            Dumbbell press  10             15 lbs                1 Minute

    3            Dumbbell press   8               20 lbs                1 Minute

    4            Dumbbell press   6               25 lbs                1 Minute

    5            Dumbbell press   12             20 lbs                0 Minutes (go right into the next exercise)

    6            Flies                        12             10 lbs               2 Minutes (before starting the enxt sequence)

    then same sequence for back, shoulders, biceps and triceps choosing the exercises/weight you feel you can handle.

    Then on lower body day, the same scenarios for quads,  hamstrings, calves and abs

  • this helped alot this first week thank you charleyc1