Your 2011 Grand Master Champions

  • Congratulations!


    Let's give a big shout out and congratulatory welcome to the 2011 Body-for-Life Grand Master Champions...

    Brenda Marks and John Chisholm

    Thanks for being an inspiration to the millions who follow!


    Tim Mardis

    2011 Men's Body-for-Life Champion, 46+

    2011 Men's Body-for-LIFE Champion "endure... inspire... body for life!"

  • Where can we find there before/after photos? I'd love to see!!

  • Tim,

    Thanks for the recognition. I am very blessed to have been given the Body-for-LIFE book by my father-in-law many years ago. Even more blessed that God reminded me of the book when I hit bottom in regards to my health in December of 2010. I indeed hope that my story, as well as Brenda's and the other champions, will inspire millions.

    Congratulations to all of the 2011 Champions. Brenda, amazing job. I can't wait to read your story.

    Annakristina, You can find our before and after pictures on the home page of the BFL website.

    John Chisholm

    2011 Grand Master Champion

  • Thank you, just viewed and WOW!!! So amazing! All in 12 weeks? It's so hard to believe a person can accomplish that much!