Almost completed my 1st week!

  • Well, I have been eating 6 meals a day, doing cardio and weight training.  I just went to an TRX training class and I completely enjoyed it, but can I count this as a weight training?  I am sore from head to toe - class flew by, but I don't want to mess up my challenge.  So far, getting organized and/or planning is the most difficult.  I couldn't imagine not doing the meal replacements - it so much easier to put a shake & a bar in my lunch bag.  I get easily bored during cardio and I have started with treadmill, but would like to mix it up.  Currently, I am walking 3.0 with 10 incline for 2 min; 5.0 with no incline for 2 min and 1 min walk and doing this 4 times.   Any other options?? 


  • Tonja,

    I'm not sure what TRX is, but it sounds like a combined cardio weight training program. If you are going to follow BFL, this class is going to get in the way. BFL's weight training is 3 days a week. Monday and Friday would be the five upper body muscle groups and Wednesday the three lower body groups with abs. You would then switch to Monday and Friday doing LB and Wednesday UB the following week. Each time you weight train, you are isolating specific muscle groups using the 12-10-8-6-12-12 routine of sets.

    I did most of my cardio on the elliptical. Here is an example of a typical workout. Your numbers would be a little different based on level of conditioning and body weight.

    level 5 100-120 RPM (2min)

    level 6 120-130 RPM (3min)

    level 11 160-180 RPM (1min)

    level 7 120-130 RPM (3min)

    level 12 160-180 RPM (1min)

    level 7 120-130 RPM (3min)

    level 13 160-180 RPM (1min)

    level 7 120-130 RPM (3min)

    level 14 160-180 RPM (1min)

    level 15 160-180 RPM (1min)

    level 5 100-120 RPM (1min)

    I hope this helps.

    John Chisholm

    2011 BFL Grand Master Champion

  • Chiz, any idea what the mph is on your elliptical HIIT?  The one I use has mph, not rpm.  And actually, i'm doing mine a bit differently....

    Level 8 for all and then:

    2 min at 3 mph

    1 min at 4 mph

    1 min at 5 mph

    1 min at 6 mph

    1 min at 7 mph

    for 4 cycles


    1 min at 8 mph

    1 min at 4 mph for cooldown

    for my 20 min

    I'm in my 2nd personal bfl challenge, trying to get rid of that last stubborn 10 lbs.

  • Tonja

    I do my cardio on a treadmill too. Sometimes I switch it up for a spin class. But right now just running until after my marathon on Sunday.

    1 min warm up- Speed 4.8  incline 0

    2 min                   Speed 5.0  incline 0

    3 min                   Speed 5.2  incline 1

    4 min                   Speed 5.4  incline 1

    5 min                   Speed 5.0  incline 0

    6 min                   Speed 5.2  incline 0

    7 min                   Speed 5.4  incline 1.5

    8 min                   Speed 5.6  incline 1.5

    9 min                   Speed 5.2  incline 0

    10min                  Speed 5.4  incline 0

    11min                  Speed 5.6  incline 2

    12min                  Speed 5.8  incline 2

    13min                  Speed 5.2  incline 0

    14min                  Speed 5.4  incline 0

    15min                  Speed 5.6  incline 2.5

    16min                  Speed 6.0  incline 2.5

    17min                  Speed 7.0  incline 7.0

    18min                  Speed 7.5  incline 7.5

    19min                  Speed 8.0  incline 8.0

    20min                  Speed 8.5  incline 8.5

    Fall off treadill & get back on for 3min cool down. lol!

    Good to see your still at it!!!!   


  • 1biggames,

    Not sure what the MPH is when I do my cardio.The above example is just one of my workouts. I try to mix it up a little to prevent getting bored with any one routine. The above workout is a small modification from BFL, but it still uses the basic concept of HIIT. I also like to do a program on a virtual reality bike called Expresso. I look for challenging rides that are about 20 minutes in duration that incorporate hills so I can get in my interval work. Using these workouts makes cardio a lot of fun. If your gym has one of these bikes, check it out.


  • Chiz & Zavi-

    Thanks for your input.  I bought a heart rate monitor at the Y to keep up with heart rate.  Also, I keep trying to up my RPM as well with TechnoGym.  Yesterday, our treadmills have video that will allow you to run through different parks in the US.  I was watching & following a trail in Nevada & Arizona and my 20 minute cardio was done in no time and hit most of my high marks.  

  • Tonja

    Treadmills with video? That is so cool! I wish my gym had them! They have TV's but they are too high up and since I'm so short I have a hard time watching them without almost falling off the treadmill. LOL! So I just want the minutes on the treadmill which can be very B O R I N G....

    Keep up the great work!