29 Year Old V Word

  • Alright BFL peeps, im 29, getting married on May 20th and close to 350.  It will be our first time together and shes super hot and im a big fat belly.   I did BFL in 2008 and and had  great time, but i lived on campus where meals were provided and a group of us did it together.  This is going to be a solo attempt at the LGN (Look Good Naked) network.  Anyone starting on 1/23?  Anyone even close to being as big as I am?  I need adivice on good suppliments for weight loss and muscle recovery? 

  • Matt, first off congrats on your upcoming marriage.  Just to get on the right track, you need to make sure you have a copy of the BFL book, so you can make a copy of the authorized food list.  I'm not sure if its available here online or not, but that is a start.  Keep a copy in your pocket, wallet, or phone.  I have a pdf in mine to just pull up whenever needed, if you send me a message with your email address, I can send you mine.

    Next, I would recommend that you start with Meal Replacement Shakes, such as Myoplex, to fill three of your six meals.  This will help you organize your meals throughout the day and really only plan three.  By 2-4 weeks into this program you will have a good idea of what you can and can not make for your meals.

    I'll give you an idea of what my nutritional plan is throughout the day:

    0700 Meal 1: Myoplex Original Shake

    1000 Meal 2: Yogurt (Fat free about 100 calories or less with the fruit for flavor) and a portion of 1% cottage cheese

    1300 Meal 3: Turkey Sandwich, one slice of 7 grain bread (or is it 5 lol) and cut in half,then I load with turkey, lettuce, tomatoe, cucumber and sometims add a few slices of avocado

    1700 Meal 4: Myoplex Original Shake

    1900 Meal 5: Chicken breast, pasta, brocolli

    2200 Meal 6: Myoplex Original Shake

    Other meals I alternate in are:

    Apple/ Cottage Cheese

    Spinach/ Tomatoe, 4 egg whites & 1 whole eff Omellete, two slices of wheat bread

    This is where the list comes in handy, just substitute where necessaary.

    Instead of chicken for my meal above I do Salmon, or Shrimp in olive oil, lean steak (not marbelized and covered with fat).  Instead of pasta, I change to any noodle, or a potatoe or rice, etc, etc.  I load up on my green vegetables when I can.

    Emergency meals for those times that time is tight:

    Rotisserie Chicken from your grocery store

    Italian Deli/ Jimmy Johns/ Subway turkey subs, I sometimes ask for extra meat and no mayo.

    Family restaurants have great white omelets, just stay away from hashbrowns.

    Save all else for your cheat day, one thing I have started to do is keep at least two of my shakes in place on cheat days, morning and right before bed, and fill the other meals with my cheat stuff.  What I noticed is that this helps me keep from binging or gorging and eat just enough to satisfy me.  Another thing, I am never hungry.  My portions are based on the fist and I try to be a little less with the carbs.  On my vacation my family was surprised on how much I actually ate.  They kept saying diet and I kept correcting them that I was not on a diet, but following my nutritional program to help speed up my metabolism and build muscle and lose fat.

    One last thing I would recommend based on the research I have been doing and just started today based on the link from Hussman Fitness (it's on my blog, he helps explains BFL), I purchased a big tub of protein and I am taking half a scoop which works out to about 10g protein and about 40 calories, with one ounce of apple juice and 9 oz water to drink immediately after my lifting days.  I will be doing the same on aerobic days but not using the apple juice.

    Hope this helps!

  • Matt: All the best to you as you begin your challenge. It's very important that you put as much effort into your meal planning and nutrition as you do your workouts. You can do this.

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