work nights -need help with a schedule for eating - please assist !!!!!!!

  • I started MY B.F.L today , and im a lilte nervous as well, working nights has me a liltle worried about when i should eat .. i have a newborn, only 5 weeks old and she takes a lot of my time and sleep when i get home a 7:00 am. looking for some info on best times to eat. should it be while i am up at night ?   I hit the gym today b-4 work at 9:00pm and did the upper body, so my schedule for working out has been set for me already ,( baby), just when to eat is my only concern.........  any help please !!!!!!!!!

  • I would suggest eating according to your awake schedule.

    For example, if you wake up at 7pm to start your "day", treat that as if you are getting up in the AM  and have breakfast.

    You could follow a schedule like this:







    I do have a concern that you would be eating right before you go to sleep which isnt a good idea. So you might want to get up earlier to start your day. Again I am making assumptions about your timeframes....

    Good luck!!!!

  • thanks ..

  • My husband works 3rd shift,starts at 10pm and works until around 830am. He gets up at 5pm and has a protein shake,then at 7pm he has eggs and toast. At 10pm he has a turkey sandwich,then he has whatever I made for dinner at 1am. Protein bar around 330am,then protein shake around 630am.I know its weird eating at such strange times,it took us awhile to get used to it because I stay at home and hve the opposite schedule.I hope this helps!

  • thanks .. all the suggestions have helped and going into week 2, im down 9 lbs , and my eating is on point.. the workouts have been a killer , but working out has helped me eat right.. im  not going to bust  my tail at the gym then turn around and kill what i did by eating bad or drinking ...  i didnt know how out of shape i am.. its sad , but in 12 weeks, i pray i see a huge change .. thanks again for all your help.. wish u all the besy