Beginners Supplement Question

  • Hello. I'm Mitch. Im starting my 12 week journey on January 9.  I'm very excited.  I've never taken a supplement before, and I've been reading about Whey, Beta Gen, and Myoplex Lite.  I am confused about the real difference and which is applicable.  I'm 48 and hoping to lose weight and gain nice muscle tone.  I'm basically out of shape and need to pull it all back together. Can anyone advise me on which of these to use?  They all seem, to my layman's knowledge, to do the same thing...   Thank you.  

  • Whey protein is your best choice all around.  It can be used for everything: meal replacements, protein shake or in recipes. It's high in protein and low in calories, sugars and carbs. It's easy to add other things (fruits, yogurts, etc) to it without having to worry about the calories and carbs.  

  • What has made this challenge easier for me is convenience.  I can plan 3 meals a day right now pretty easily, but anymore and I wasn't sure I could commit to this.  That being said, Myoplex lite is convenient, you can throw it in a shaker with water or milk anywhere and anytime, or you could purchase the ready to drink, but these are pricier.  You could purchase the Myoplex Original and just split it into two servings and still get about the same nutrition.  I use one mix packet Myoplex original three times a day currently.  One in the morning one hour after my workout, 4pm, and one after my night workout or right before bed.

    Protein is wonderful to add to many things, like pancakes, smoothies etc.  Yes, you can drink with just water, but for me this would be a good night time option where I have time to think about how I am going to use it as a meal and access to the other ingredients.  In my next challenge, I may try to incorporate this more into my smoothies and may take one less Myoplex original, but that is in the future.

    Betagen is an additional supplement that can be used in conjunction with both of the above.  It is marketed to help you maintain your current muscle and help burn fat.  I did use this during my first challenge over 10yrs ago and liked it.  It basically consists of creatine, I believe a few amino acids, and some carbs.  I'm sure there is more to the science, but again you can just add this to either of the above.

    Most important, make sure you stick to both the nutritional requirements and fitness routines to have the best success possible.  Hope this helps!

  • it has helped me... thanks .. great question

  • A good alternative to myoplex is Apex lite this is the same supplement they use on the biggest looser and it’s about half the cost you can get it from 24hour fitness order it online and it’s cheaper. I use the lite for meal replacements and the whey be for I go to bed for a pure protein snack with very little carbs

  • Hi Mitch! Congratulations on beginning your BFL journey! Our Product Experts can speak to you about your goals and which products are best for you and how to use them. Give us a call at 1-800-297-9776 M-F 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST. ~Brooke @Body-for-LIFE