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  • I wanted to share for those who are reading what I've done for my work out/meal pages.  I took the food and work out pages and reduced them and copied them.  I prepared a entire 12 weeks of pages by putting them in order that they should go of the BFL workout.  I took those pages to a Kinko's and had them copy and bind them in a spiral so it can be folded over like a spiral notebook.  It's 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.  And cost me about $20.00  The cover is clear and the first page is the 12-week schedule (that I have an overview of the entire 84 days and car mark through as I go)  I then put a workout page with a food page facing each other so that everyday that I work out the left side is the workout page and the right side is the food page.  

    I alternated upper/food, cardio/food, lower/food, cardio/food, upper/food, cardio/food, and free day has a lined page for journaling and food journal.

    I did the same for week 2 beginning with lower workout.  I created an entire 84 page workout/food journal.  I've attached pics below.  I'm excited to have it all together, like my bible!  It's small enough to take to the gym and carry in my purse.     I'll work on getting before pics, that's a hard one to swallow.

       Cover Page with 12 week schedule

          Day 1 with upper body workout and food journal

       Day 2 with cardio workout and food journal

     Day 3 lower workout with food journal, etc. and finally,

     Day 7 (Free Day) with journaling and food journal

    WenFit 2012

    WenFit 2012

  • Very nice!

  • nice!  my workouts get jumbled around and can't always do upper/cardio/lower/cardio in that order for that week.  But that looks awesome!

  • That looks great! Did u carry in the sheets to kinkos or order it on line? My wife and I would love to make a book like that but we are having no luck online. We also cant seem to find the size u selected. Help please! Thanks

  • I reduced them on a copier. I printed then on line but if you have book you can copy them for the book. I prepared 2 weeks so I would have covered alternating weeks and then took it to kinks and told them what I wanted. I love having it smaller and bound. Like you said, you can open and pages face each other. I carry it everywhere.   If you want I could scan them and email them to you. It would be on 8 1/2 x 11 paper but the same size as shown and you could just trim it. Let me know.

    WenFit 2012

  • Thanks we fit, I forwarded this to my wife because she is the one working on it

  • I can scan and reduce them.  I don't think we have a kinkos around here.  I will have to check.  I want that for Monday! That is absolutely and awesome Idea WE FIT! I am going to work on that today.

  • Any place that does copying service can do it...Office Depot, Office Max or any mom and pop copy place.  Just make sure you are specific how you want it to look so if they mess it up they will fix at their cost not yours.  It was only about $19 something, but totally worth every penny; it keeps me honest about everything!  At my age, I can't remember as well :)  Hoping all this oxygen I'm pumping into my body with BFL will change my brain too!

    WenFit 2012