Jan. 9th is the day---Any other takers for the challenge?

  • My wife and I are going to start the BFL on Jan. 9th and we were wondering if anyone else is looking at that day. Support groups are great for accountability and we would love to be able to journey through the 12 weeks with others so that we can all keep each other "in check"


  • I am starting as well, my husband is not but doing his own program but I will be doing BFL, so awesome to have support!!!

  • Awesome! I know I am pretty excited to get things rolling. Anyone done any perpetration for the big day?

  • Went out and got the fat calipers to measure body fat, not really looking forward to seeing what they have to say though

  • I'm planning to 'officially' start on Jan. 9 as well.

    I've learned from my previous experiences that just jumping into something new with unbridled enthusiasm, I've hurt myself which stalled or ultimately cancelled progress.

    I 'unofficially' started on Dec. 1, four weeks before discovering BFL, by eliminating all fast-food / drive-thru meals.  Tapered way back on the crap-snacks and alcohol.  Been working on BFL Nutrition & six meals this past week, while being sick at the same time.  Starting to recover, but wiped myself out yesterday just setting up my home gym bench!  

    My plan this week is to adjust my sleep schedule & ease into the physical parts with floor & bands excercising, and ramp up to HIIT cardio.  Also work on the weights routine sans wieghts to practice the movements.  In other words, getting in shape to get in shape!

    Bart - which fat calipers did you purchase?

  • I am officially starting the 17th. I would like the support and support a group. Although I will be about a week behind, I'll take you guys up on the challenge. It will be me and two friends. I am so excited!!!!

  • I decided to join you all in the journey. I can't put it off anymore.  Been wanting to join for the last year and kept putting it off and finally just forgot.  So since it was resolution time, I thought I would weigh myself.  I weigh more now then I did when I was 9 months pregnant, and that was 19 months ago.  I have to do something. Let's ROCK 2012 together!!!!

  • I would love to join and begin on 01/09/12!  Looking forward to a fresh start for 2012.  I'm with some of the others, need a little time for prep, equipment, and meal planning.  

  • Hey Bart.. Jess here, I am also starting the challenge on the 9th and I am TOTALLY stoked!  So glad that there will be others to talk to and share this experience with!  


  • Seadawg- I bought the acu measure fitness 3000 at gnc. Sevastra13----- the more the merry. I am really looking forward to getting things started. For those of u that are easing your way into it just remember.....1 day at a time! Meal planning is by far the hardest part of the entire program....eating 6 times a day is tough, especially if u are at work for 10 hours at a time. The good news is that it can be done. I have done the bfl in the past, just forgot that I was supposed to continue on after the 12 weeks.....lol

  • Starting mine today.  My husband isnt doing it with me.  I just couldnt wait to start.  Plus Im a full time nursing student, so I wanted to get into routine before classes start on the ninth.

  • My husband and I are also starting on the 9th.  Spending this week getting prepared.  This will be my biggest challenge, planning long term.  I am trying to do my homework and not get too overwhelmed.  Everything seems simple enough, if you keep it simple.  Setting up the bowflex (given to us), picking up dumbbells, printing out  daily journals, cleaning out the pantry and heading to the grocery store.  I really want to start us off on the right foot.  My BIGGEST fear is taking the BEFORE picture! Yikes!

  • Jen- that sounds like a good plan to get started right away, i know my wife is ready to get started.

    Team gunnels, sounds like you guys are going to be ready Togo. I told my wife she should break it down to 3 four weeks steps, that way it isn't so overwhelming. Your before pic could be one of your best motivators! I am going to put mine on the bathroom mirror since that is one of the first places that I am in the morning and it can remind me daily that I not only do i want to do this but I NEED to do this

  • I'm at new at this forum stuff---- did u see the calipers I bought?