Lack of energy...Am I getting enough calories?

  • Heather,

    I think maybe you working out in the evening is contributing to the sleep there any way you can do your cardio in the mornings? My first couple of weeks I was waking up about an hour before my alarm went off, ugghh. But that eventually wore off.

    I took Tylenol PM a couple of times cause I just needed a deep sleep; I don't think it will become habitual as your body will end up in a normal sleep process.

    I too counted my calories during 1st challenge, I used the Lose It app on the ipod touch, it helped keep me on track with food. Now my body and brain is so accustomed to eating the same types of food that it is a no brainer.

    Like Legs said, I would maybe add the fibrous veggies, maybe a salad to two of your meals, that can help make you feel fuller.  You are not going crazy...I think we've all been there! Hang in there!! And get some sleep, lady! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Well no sleep again last night.   I woke up at 4:00 having a full on hypoglycemic reaction.  Ate a piece of whole wheat bread and it settled out.  I'm betting you Legs is 100% correct in Ive been eating too much fruit and not enough starchy carbs.  I'm going to make some changes and see if it helps today.  If it is my sugar it should correct itself real quick if I eat the right carbs.

  • Heather: A dietician once told me I was hypoglycemic and told me to eat crackers and cheese every 2 hours. Akk. All it did was make me fluffy. You may be correctly diagnosed, but I do have to agree that evening food choices make a huge difference, and also we learn as we go what our body is needing - not craving, but needing.

    I cant remember what your last meal is, but many many of BFL'ers stick with cottage cheese and either fruit mixed in or yogurt, or both - depending on the yogurt.

    Having said that - I just thought of are doing HIIT in the evening......maybe that is the red flag there. See I work out in the morning then eat oatmeal, berries and protein following, then a couple hours later, fruit and protein, then its dinner. MAYBE you need to eat a larger meal before bed. Like oatmeal and protein, or chicken and rice....does that make sense? I think it does to me.

    Im just trying to throw things out there to think about. If you work hard at the end of the day, and you are already a fat burning machine - your body is using up that last meal fast.

    Hope you have a great day. Catch you later.

  • Damn girl!  You should be a nutritionist! :)

    I’m a reactive-hypoglycemic which is different from regular hypoglycemia.  My body reacts to certain foods causing a surge in insulin production which drops my blood sugar.  It hasn’t affected me in so long it just didn’t occur to me until last night.  I woke up shaking, my heart was racing and my arms and legs felt like they weight 100 lbs each.  It used to be really bad and I’d get disoriented and confused or have a hard time getting the right words out when I was talking.  But like I said it’s been so long since it has bothered me.

    Well I called the doc and reviewed the BLF food list with him.  He says the fruit is okay but no oranges or melons.  Apples and strawberries are okay.  No baked potatoes only sweet potatoes.  No carrots, corn or peas.  And to have a protein like cottage cheese instead of protein powder for my last meal as it is broken down more slowly and will sustain overnight and to pair it with yogurt instead of fruit.  And then he yelled at me for not running my new program past him first.  Oops!  

    Yes I work out in the evening and I’m sure that’s what happened last night.   I had chicken and a baked potato for dinner – then workout – then protein and orange for last meal.  OOPS!!  I also found out I’m not supposed to be having any caffeine at all as it affects blood sugar.   WHATEVER!  That's a new one.  I think doc has lost his damn mind on that one!!   What gets me is that it took 8 weeks to catch up with me.  

  • Ya Heather, I think Legsy knows her stuff...she does a lot of reading!! :)

    Girl, you better take care of yourself! That is strange that it has taken this long for your body to react to the changes...

    Hope your day goes better today! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • HeatherC: I am glad to hear you called your GP. Interesting food choices and they make sense.

    I assume it hit you in week 8 because your body IS burning faster. I am glad you're ok.

    I used to shake too and faint. I always had a few minutes warning drove my husband crazy with worry. Most times he caught me. :) I have to watch my coffee intake to this day but havent had trouble at all with the foods. But back years ago when I would faint, I was eating like the typical college kid - not balanced at all.

  • Much better day today with more fiber rich foods. THANKS FOR THE BEAN RECIPE MO! I am 2.5 hours past last meal and starting to get hungry. By the 3 hour mark I'll be good. Yesterday it was only 1.5hrs past dinner and I was "starving". LOL. It sure pays to pay attention to the choices mixed with the heavy strength days.

    How are you feeling today Heather?

  • I think I got that recipe from Renee! yummy isn't it!  This post just reminded me to eat!! lol! I would have been on the lawnmower with a growling stomach!! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I'm doing good considering I've had no sleep for 3 days. LOL!   I made sure to have my tuna with a WW Pita for lunch and added a 1/2 apple and some salad.  Then I had yogurt with my protein shakes instead of fruit.   I'm going to bust out my lower body workout here in a bit and take an advil PM and hopefully crash for the night! :)  

    So what's this bean recipe??? :)

  • Update - I drugged myself into 8 hours of solid sleep last night.  It was heavenly!!!  I feel so much better today.  I have not been tired or sluggish at all!  

    I also took Legs advise and had oatmeal & protein powder with my last meal of the evening.  And I've been careful to have my fruit with another carb (1/2 WW sandwich thin and apple) to keep my sugar from dropping.  

    It's been a good day!  I'm ready to tear up my treadmill!   Thanks for all your support ladies and gents!

  • That's great news Heather. I was thinking about you today. :)

    Give that workout the what for!

  • Can fruit count as at least ONE of those veggies? I'm not a big veggie person (much to my demise...)

    Today is the day to NOT quit!!!! <3 EARGAL