today is a new day

  • Hello,

    This is my first post but my second challenge. My first was about 9 years ago. It lasted about 4 weeks and then I gave in to the old habits little by little and eventually quit. Well I did not los the weight as I told myself I wood doing something else. I only found more. The madness stops today. At 54 years old time is becoming to valuable to waste. I was going to start on January 1, 2011 but why wait? December 26th is a good a day as any.

  • Hey,  I'm starting tomorrow also, Dec. 26th!  YEs,  it will be my third challenge. I completed two successfully and started many, many, many.  I know it can be done and looking forward to the challenge!  BEst wishes to you!

    BJ  (Earth steward sister and mother)

  • Eagle,

    Honestly, it sounds like you are ready, really really really ready!!!  Congratulations, you will find whatever support you need/want here on the forums, you get what you give!!


  • so ready. Thanks

  • All the best to you on your challenge. You can do this!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Week three almost over and feeling great accept I Think I went for a ten a little too hard on my last LBW, pulled something in my leg but a the pain is do-able for now so the show must go on.   Think I will stick with an eight or so for the next couple of LBW. It's nice to fit into your paints without lying down first :)

  • Eagle,

    So glad to hear that you aren't letting that adversity demoralize you, you're nearly at week four, I want updates!!!


  • Starting Week 4,

    Skipped cardio on sat to let the leg rest. It must have worked because I felt great yesterday during my LBW and my cardio today went fine. The wife thinks I should have rested one more day but I could not skip two workouts in fear of falling back into the old habits. I hit the gym this morning and have Karate class this evening.  That should make up for the skipped cardio. I feel great and I am starting to see results. Never say die

    Hope you all are having great success in your journeys to a batter you

  • Up date:

    Week four down starting on five :) Love handles are melting and I am feeling good. Increased the weight today for my UBW. My arms feel like rubber but by the time UBW comes around again, they should be fine. If pain is just weakness leaving the body I must been really weak ?

    keep going yal

  • Week six down,

    feel great, lost 16 ibs so far and my old pants that shrunk fit again (some of them) Halfway to the new me.

  • How good do you feel right now??? :-)

    Keep at it Eagle, nobody else is going to be selfish for you!!


  • Thanks Texas Brez,

    Gotta say it feels great