Where to begin.... RE-building BLF

  • Oh that is too funny my husband came home with pizza for he and the kids I did want some but I was strong and didn't although I did steal a pepperoni just one

  • Wow tulip, great will power. Might want to explain to your husband and kids what your goals are and ask for support..maybe if they want pizza they could go to pizza hut and eat it there.. That will be really hard to avoid for 12 weeks..lol

  • 11 yrs for me too since my first challenge.  Then I got super-fit 4 years ago and let stress get the better of me.  now I am sick of feeling fat and weak and ready to build my body back!  Older can also mean wiser. (PS I see your Forum name is sospain--I am also a Spain!) You can do it if you want it!

    I am my ONLY obstacle--everything else is just EXCUSES

  • 11 years for me too since my first challenge - loved how it made me feel and still have a pair of pants that I slid into after it was all over!  Life got in the way and yes - the body is older!  I am now going to be turning the big 50 in July of this year and I refuse to go into it feeling the way I do.  I started on Monday and already feel wonderful!  This forum is exactly what I need to help me stay motivated and focused.  Thanks guys!

  • tulip--I too have that 'rest of family is eating pizza' problem.  One time my husband ordered my FAVORITE kind!  like what was he thinking?  sabotage?  i had one tiny piece.  I think if you can survive those first 2 hours, then it gets easier 'cuz then the pizza is cold, weird-looking ,not appetizing anymore.

    I still end up having one piece when this happens, but I keep eating my food, drink a whole glass of water, and in an hour or so, it gets better, you're not as hungry anymore.

  • I am a returning BFL'er. I did my challenge 8 years ago, stayed fit for 3 years then back to flabby. I started 4 weeks ago and am down 16lbs so far. I am not actually doing the challenge ( I did not do it the first time either) I just follow the guidlines. It is fun for me to find ways to be creative in my recipes and excersise. I love finding ways to make different healthy dishes. I also make it a little challenge to see where I can squeeze in extra protien. Best of luck on your quest.

  • Okay... what happened?  Today has been hard!  I've had difficulty getting all my water consumed... cardio done etc and I have found myself thinking about foods that I don't need!!  Not that I really have any of them in the house- I just want a bite of---- well, I don't know!  Something good! :) LOL   I suppose it's b/c my hubby is away on a business trip and I'm bored? Any good ideas on something to eat that would knock out a craving for sweet?

  • protein shake with frozen peaches, plain greek yogurt, real orange juice (or part of a peeled orange) and scoop of vanilla protein powder.  Since I just listed a bunch of carbs there, go small on the portions.  Had one yesterday, the orange made it taste so yummy!!!!  almost like an orange julius!!!

  • We are both still well on the way to new bodies!  My husband has really gotten into the work outs and is researching kettlebell workouts etc.  He's really having fun with this!  I just didn't think he'd stick with it.. but he's doing better than me!!!    We waited weeks before enjoying a FREE day.. and I wish we had done one weeks ago!!!   Watched the BFL success stories DVD's that I had forgotten I owned!  Am inspired to make my workouts more intense...  8 weeks to go..

  • sospain... glad to see you and your hubby are still going strong. Hopfully everyone else is doing just as well. As for me I started week 5 today. I have  been very strict on myself in the food department which suprised me considering the kiddo and her goodies. Workouts have been awseome. I'm kicking myself for not taking measurments(other than my waist when i started) until after week two along with pics :-(.  I did do my bodyfat and weight when I started. I started at 37.6% and am down to 34.4% after 4 weeks. So my calculations show I lost 7.851 pds of fat and gained 1.176 pds of muscle. My weight is now down to 163.5.  My goal for the next 4 weeks is to get the bodyfat down another 3%.  Where do you purchase the dvd success stories? I think I have some on vhs and tape cassette(but those were from 10+ yrs. ago)