STARTING CHALLENGE IN JAN...would like to start a womens support group for the challenge in Costa Mesa

  • Hi I am starting the challenge in Jan and would like to  meet some  women who  would  like to start with me and create a support group.  I am new to CA and will be in Costa Mesa...hit me up if you want to start the 12 week challenge:))) 

  • Hi!  i am starting the 12 week challenge on 12/31.  It will be my first one.  Very excited!!!!!  Would love to be a part of your support group.  As I am going to need a lot of it!  I also want to support others too!


  • I too am starting the challenge on Jan 2nd.  I would love to be a part of your support group!

  • Hi there, I'm based in South Africa, eager to start ASAP, I have registered online but I can't find the actual program of exercise and eating plan, where did u get yours? I would love to be of support and join a group? Thanks, des

  • I also starting the challenge on 12/31/12 and would love to be part of a women's support group.

  • Great, lets do it!!!! I am reading the book with vigor, so sick of looking like I do, I want to fit into those skinny jeans in 12 weeks time, hell or high water ....

  • Hi I would like to join with you all.I have never joined a chat forum and this is my first time joining the competition. I have been working out for 23 years but I have never fully committed to the diet and exercise resulting in a ok looking body. I have four kids so its been harder to achieve the results I have dreamed of. I came across the body for life program over 10 years ago. I did it for a few weeks and fell off. I came cross the book again about 3 years ago. I didn't do it again until four months 18 year old son and I started doing it but the holidays came and threw me off track. I am tired of always doing exercise and eating right half ass. I thought if I joined the challenge then may be I could finally make the commitment to fully engage in my body composition.i will be 40 in January,it would be super cool if I could be in the best shape of my life. I want to cross the abyss that has always prevented me to fully commit. I have recently stopped drinking after a 20 plus year addiction. I know that has always prevented me from truly committing to weight loss. is there any one out there that shares my story?

  • I bought the book. Body for life.

  • Aloha everyone I am happy to have a support network for our 12 week challenge!!!! I was originally starting the group in Costa Mesa Ca but since I have moved to Hawaii.  So this online support is much needed!  So are we all in to start on Jan 1?

  • Hi Des, I have the book from the first time I did the challenge. You can find all the info on the BFL website, may even be able to buy the book.  There is also a workout pdf and grocery list. Cheers to a Happy New Year

  • I started my challenge today! Count me in for the women's group.. I would love some sisterhood through this process!! Good luck for all of you about to start!

  • Hi Im new here, not sure I am replying in the right section so forgive me. I have tried the BFL previously and got to six weeks, lost ten pounds and was feeling great - god knows why I stopped. Im starting again on 2nd Jan, this time will do before and after pictures, which I hadnt done last time. I would love to be part of your group to stop myself slipping again. Am in the UK. Thank you, look forward to speaking to you all XXXX Happy New Year XXXXX

  • Hey guys. I'm starting tomorrow 1/1 and would love some support. Should we give ourselves a name?

  • I'm also starting 1/1/12 and would welcome any guidance and support. I'm a single mom who works too much and eats too poorly. I have 2 kids and am looking to stop feeling sluggish and set a better example. Time will be my largest obstacle, followed by my lack of exercise for the last several years. Looking forward to seeing all of us work through this and reach our goals!