Starting Dec 12 - Anyone else?

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  • Hey there!  I started this morning and today was my first day.  So far so good.  I would love an email buddy.  How was your first day?

  • Great job! !MY day 1 was fab - how did you enjoy cardio!? Feel free to email me at the above as well! Have a great day! Michelle

  • Hi guys...I started yesterday too. I bought some Myoplex like ready to drink shakes and protein bars. I believe I had a pretty good day yesterday. I weigh 212LBS and trying to get to 185 by week 12. 89 more days to go . Good luck to you all

  • Hello All,

    I started on 12/12 also.  I have done this program before but never finished.  To make life easy we should also just continue using this thread to keep everyone accountable.

    My first day workout was great but nutrition was lacking, I only ate 3 times, I really need to reach 6 meals a day.  For Today nutrition is my main goal.

  • Welcome Pal. I had six meals yesterday. I would say my first meal was bad because I did not plan well..but after that I did pretty good. I had one ready to drink shake and two bars and 3 normal high protein meals.  CHICKEN BREASTS are my favourite things until I get tired of them. I went to costco and bought individual chicken breasts...they are very easy to cook.

    Lets see if I can continue this. I am determined

  • Hi, can I join in too. I am starting today, and im desperate need of some support. Very nervous about this whole process. I just don't want to fail again.

  • Just make sure to submit something everyday,  I find it beneficial to post after my workout.  I did not workout yet today but will do in a few hours.

  • Killed day 2 workout.  Really pushed in the cardio, I think I reached 200 bpm during my 10.  Preparing for legs tomorrow.

    The only bad thing is I'm being on my meals, only at meal 3 at 4:30PM.

  • Great job guys! TOmorrow is day 3!!! I'm looking forward to some great leg workouts. Who's in with me? I will post a thread tomorrow so we can all post our updates! Michelle

  • Had a great 2nd day. Six small meals and one of the best cardio workout I have done in a long time. Day we come. good luck to you all. Lets do this.

  • Good morning Everyone!!!! Hope your day is going well. I have already had my two meals by now. First meal 5 boiled eggs (one whole and rest egg whites) and a slice of wheat breat and second meal was EAS strength nutrition bar with 25g of protein and I believe 25g of Carbs......Cant wait to do legs and abs today.

    Keep writing everyone and lets motivate each other.

  • May I please join your group?

    I started 12/12 as well.  

    D - 1:  Cardio to HR of 160 for 10, then 30 min of a 4-5 stationary biking.  Food was perhaps 4-5

    D - 2:  Worked late, couldn't exercise, Food was perhaps 4-5 .. Wanted to quit  or changed to different start date, but in the end, told self to do my best and learn from mistakes, regardless.

    D - 3: LBWO with squats, UBWO with bands, Food was 8-9 so far.  Did measurement.  No before photo yet, will do tonight.

    Trouble spots:  Not used to eating so many times, ended up overeating b.c not used to eating smaller amt, more frequent.  Having a small cold.  Going on vacation 12/16 with no exercise equip or gym, but plan to take a long exercise bands.  Will keep journal since won't have internet access.

    Thank you and good luck.  We can do it.

  • Good job windsurfing! Will you have internet on your vaca? YOu can keep in touch with us and we can help you!

    Everyone else - I will posting updates every day - see my Day 3 update in the crossing the abyss...Let's all post how we are doing each day?

  • Yeah!!!  I'm back...Sorry for the delay everyone (I say this as if your all waiting for  Today was day three and I completed my lower body work out.  I definitely miss judged what my 5 to 10 should  be.  I have been working out most of my life but it wasn't until the last year that I've become serious about it.  Today's work out is as follows: FYI:  the first exercise is the multiple one and the second exercise is my high point.


    Leg Extensions

    Barbell Squat


    Lying Leg Extensions

    Barbell Dead Lift


    Seated Calf

    Angled Calf


    Decline Sit up

    Bent Knee Raise

    Food Log:

    Today my ability to eat five or six meals was much harder due to my hectic work schedule.  Appointments and what not but Tonight will be meal five, which I'm cooking right now, a 5oz piece of chicken breast, 1 cup of brown rice and i cup of green salad with bell pepper, carrots and cucumber and NO dressing. If i can't slurge I don't want any dressing. : )

    Like I said earlier I definitely underestimated my ability to lift and I found myself  not being pushed  to my 10's.  Lesson learned for next time.  Tomorrow I'm ready for cardio, running to be exact.

    How was everyone else's day?