Free Day Confusion

  • Yesterday was my third free day. On the first free day I was actually really good, maybe too good and I didn't really feel like it was a "free" day and I anxiously waited a whole other week to get to eat a few of my favorite foods. The second free day I planned out what I wanted to eat and it seemed to go a little better, I felt satisfied. My third free day seemed disastrous. I ordered a pizza that was really expensive and ended up being way larger than I anticipated. I felt so guilty for spending the money on something I didn't feel like eating all of that I used three of my meals to have two slices of pizza each...ugghh! It was so gross and I am worried that I am on a pattern of eating worse and worse on my free days. I follow my meal plans very well during the rest of the week but haven't lost any weight yet and am going on my 22nd day into this challenge. I checked out three BFL books from the library (the original one, the Champions edition, and the woman edition) and they seem to contradict a little about the free day. The original book states to eat whatever you want, as much as you want on your free day and that it will just tell your body that you aren't starving it and help you be successful because of having control over one day a week of what you eat. The other books basically stated to NOT overdo it on the free day. Any advice? I want to be successful on this program and am worried the free day is actually sabotaging me more than helping.

  • I haven't ever overdone it on my free days. I'm starting week 8 today so I guess I've had 7 of them? Anyway, I'd say try not to worry yourself too much about it. Free day for me is just where I can lighten up a little from the strict food plan I do during the week. For instance yesterday I had velveta w/ rotel and chips, vegetarian refried beans and choc chip cookies. (by the end of the day, I had eaten 6 cookies!! well, I had to finish out what we had left so they'd be gone by today, right?) and am not ashamed of that at all. LOL! It was awesome. But today I'm back on my strict plan for the week.

    I think the purpose of free day is to sort of shock your body from eating strict for 6 days, which helps your metabolism to keep running fast, and to give YOURSELF a little gift for all your hard work during the week.  Hang in there, keep eating as clean as you can during the week, make those workouts count, and enjoy your free day! You'll see awesome results by the end of the 12 weeks for sure.


  • Forgive&Forget....It is best to go by the original BFL book so if you want to have something for your free day, have it and remember how you felt about eating that pizza. In my opinion, I think the free day is not only to indulge in the cravings you have during the week, but to "teach" your mind on what better food choices in the future.

    I'm on 2nd challenge, week 4 and my preference is to take one free meal per week, usually a dinner out with the family.  But with my crazy schedule (coaching) yesterday I only got 4 meals in, but they were all BFL authorized; then I had a "treat" with my dinner.

    I don't have any cravings for greasy, unhealthy food anymore, it's really weird, but about 4 or 5 wks into the program I was craving my chicken and brown rice, eggs and oatmeal, and cottage cheese and yogurt!

    On the books, stick to original, read the Champions one for motivation and forget about the Women's one....

    Keep your mind focused on your goals and you will be fine!!  Best wishes on your challenge!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Don't stress! stay with the program and don't get so fucussed on the weight. Remeber its a change for life not just 12 weeks. It took my body 6 weeks before the weight started coming off. now at 30 pounds lost and feeling better all the time. Pizza is my favorite free day meal. Hang in!

  • I follow the original book, but I also listen to MY body.  I know that there are certain foods that even though it's free day, they just don't "jive" with me.  

    Whole wheat pasta for example, I love it in moderation but with free day I eat too much so I limit how often I allow myself to have that on free day.  

    I would just about guarentee you that you would have been just as satisfied with a small pizza as you were miserable with large one.  This is a process of learning about yourself and it takes time.

    The guilt over the money spent was partly to blame because you felt "obligated" to eat the whole thing.

    Hang in there and this too shall pass, I commend you for paying attention to what you felt was a behavioral pattern.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • One more thing...The next time you order something that is too much to consume...Freeze it.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • I did the challenge years ago with GREAT results (10/12 to a 6/8), however due to issues beyond my control I have found myself in need to another one (mustering up the gusto).  However, as this is a change in lifestyle you need to make it your own.  My free day was just to do or not do what i wanted.  Usually on Sundays, sometimes, i would literally eat everything i had a craving for that day until i went to bed.  Mind you i would have the biggest stomache ache (although worth it).  LOL BUT come Monday morning, it felt sooooo good to eat healthy again, it made it a more carefree week looking forward to good meals.  Don't sweat over what you've done/or didn't do, just move on from it and move forward. Each day is a new one.  If you don't do this program with that in mind, then THAT is what is going to sabotage your results more than anything else!  Good luck!