Today is the Start of week 6 for me

  • I have been dieting for 4 months now and only lost 10lbs, i started BFL on Aug 29, i have noticed that my muscles are more defined and stronger but i have not lost any lbs on the scales, I like everyone else is really looking forword to week 12 to see how much my hard work has paid off, I have to wait and do my exercise after my husband goes to work cause He does think i should lose any weight are build any more muscles so it is very hard for me to eat right, we both don't like veg so it is not  ease for me to get the veg intake,but i eat a lot of fruit and drink the protain shakes and  i have been doing my strangth and cardio exercise every morning 6 days a week. 

  • Please Remember that Bill Phillips stated that progress is not always reflected by the scale alone because as you loose body fat you will be gaining muscle. That is why it is important to note weight loss and gain but not to entirely rely on it. Body fat percentage would be a better way to check on that if you know someone or someplace that has the measuring machine (Omron makes one of them). Do you like salads, perhaps you can get your veggies there instead. It's great that you are eating the fruits that does help as well. Sound like your exercise regime is right on target as long as your shoot for your own personal HIT level during the cardio sessions (your personal best so to speak during the 20 minutes).