Challenge #2 Accountability Needed

  • Wow, I just uploaded my pics. I am so sad to see that I look like did when I started my first challenge. :( I have more muscle and less fat, but still, come on, SERIOUSLY?! I let all of that hard work bite the dust??

    I didn't use this forum the first time around because I had a workout partner and we started the challenge together. But now I live in a new state, I'm working 8-5 and I'm a full time single mom, so I can't go to the gym before work and I've decided not to go after work because that would leave me very little time with my son. So, my living room will become my gym and let me just say that I HATE WORKING OUT AT HOME! I get so bored! BUT, that will change because I'm deciding that-starting tomorrow-I will love it, I will use my living room to its full potential, and I will love the results.

    If you'd like to be in an accountability group with me, please send me a friend request! I'd love to encourage you and hear how your workouts and eating are going.


    I only get one chance at life on earth. It's heaven I'm preparing for, so I'm going to give it my best!

  • Hi Erin,

    Thanks for the friend add. I'd love to be accountability partners with you! Our physical stats are similiar and I totally understand how difficult it is to stay motivated to work out at home...and let all that BFL hardwork go to waste at times. And you are right about starting tomorrow you will love working out at home...even if the love doesn't come immediately the results are worth it! Let's make this challenge the best one yet!