weights...how much

  • I'm in my first week and I'm lifting anywhere 5-20 pounds depending on which upper body exercise I'm doing; it's a lot more with lower body, but I'm using machines vs. free weights. What's the average range for most to start and progress too?

  • Each person is different and you just have to use good form and push for your own personal 10

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  • Thanks Bryant...Have a great weekend!

  • You'll figure it out by trial and error during the first few workouts. It's not uncommon to use too much (or too little) weight in the first workout, and then adjust in the second, third ones, etc.

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  • This is my first week of the program. I did upper body on Monday and i'm still sore today (Wed). It hurts to put my arms over my head. I am stretching often. Am i using too much weight or is this normal?

  • this is normal and good, it means you pushed towards your 10. your body will be extremely sore for the first couple of weeks, thats why there are such big gaps between workouts (upper to upper is approx. 4 days rest in between). Utilise the 4 days rest because your body is making you stronger for your second week. You'll find you will get less sore as the weeks go on.