Any moms starting this week?

  • I am starting tomorrow.  I am going to stick with this, I know it works as I have done a few challenges in the past and have never been in the best shape.  that and marathon training, but, i really need to get my muscle definition back after having my baby and 2 years of doing nothing (an occasional run here and there)

    Any other moms starting this week??

  • Yes, hello. I am a mom and starting on August 24th. Why Wednesday?..well why not. Monday already had so many other things on the list. I took pictures yesterday. Yikes.  However, I am excited to complete this challenge, if only for the benefits of getting a hot bod back. Good Luck to you! 


  • good luck to you too. how old is the lo?  how are you doing today?

  • I am a mom of three all under the age of 6.  I am starting on Monday August 29th.  I am very excited as this is my first attempt to BFL.  I am however having trouble coming up with some snack ideas as I don't want to do the myoplex for every snack.  Any suggestions?

  • Yes Stefanie.  Today was my first day.  I did BFL years ago and I was in absolutley amazing shape!  I know this works.  Some snacks that i used to love and look fwd to loving again this go aroud:

    low fat string cheese with an apple

    cottage cheese with fruit (usually an apple) or even light yogart

    greek yogart with a fruit (the fat free greek is all protien)

    hard boiled eggs and a fruit

    any of the EAS bars

    i like sandwiches too on an arnold bred with turkey or lean ham...

    hope this helps and good luck and please keep us posted!!

  • First day went well. Kept it simple. Same meal all day..just in split portions.  My son is 17 months and  he helps me fulfill all cardio requirements. At the gym, a good looking personal trainer took all my stats.Good thing he was buff because I nearly feel over in shock when I finally stepped on the scale. Navigating the gym and learning correct exercises etc.. will be my largest challenge. Probably will take some time to learn that landscape.  Hope your day was successful.