I'm back and on my way

  • I have completed this program in the past and know for a fact it works.  I am on Week 1 day 2 and have had a few set backs but more successes than set backs.  I am eating better/healthier and consistently.  I have worked out 2 days in a row (yeah for me) and I have reviewed my goals daily.  I am looking to lose 45 pounds of fat and to become a lean mean fitness machine.  Any support or tips I can give anyone just let me know.  We all need encouragement and supports to push each other in our fitness community of bodyforlife.com.  I am an eager beaver and I am starting off in a positive place and want to stay there!

    Talk to you all later.


  • Get er done Rich!

  • Best of luck to you Rich!  You know what to do and you have the tools so now you just gotta do it!

  • Thanks for the support......Well here is an update.  I have completed all my work outs for week 1.  I have also increase the length and intensity of my cardio work outs somewhat too!  My first week has been extreamly positive.  I have gotten into a good routine with my diet and water intake, i have reviewed my goals every day and visualized my future body. I am definitely looking forward to my first day of rest!.  If I can ever be of support for you let me know.

  • Welcome Back Ric,.  Hang in there and remember it is a CHALLENGE,  that's why it's called that but the rewards at the end are many, good health is the best of those.

  • thanks WPBill.  I already feel the effects of the work outs in a good way!

  • here is an update I am week 2 day 4.....I faltered yesterday by not working out. and today not planning my meals today.  However, I plan on wokring out tonight and I have tomorrow's goals made out for the next day.  I will be on track.

  • The beautiful thing about this system is that if you falter a little you can get back on task by refocusing back on to the work book it keeps you on track.  I faltered a little this week but I stayed focus on the work outs and work book and my set backs (following the diet plan) were minimal.  I just finished my Saturday work out and feel I am  back on track.

  • Good job Rich. I had a tiny set back last night by not planning dinner - but I'm making up for it today on my free day. SO - yay for flexibility and determination!

  • Thanks Ali.  I actually made up a work on sunday.  I made my skip day a different day last week.  I am back on track work out wise.  Still need to work on the diet.

  • PS....if I can be of any service to you or of any support let me know.  Make sure you get your work out in and drink your water

  • I started the challenge on Sept 2 and noticed I was doing the exercises wrong. I was doing 2 exercises of the same muscle group but I was doing ALL of the reps on both exercises. are we suppose to pick 2 for ea muscle then use one of the excersises at the end. Not sure if i am making any sense or not.

    Also what supplements do I need for muscle repair and recovery and when should you take before or after workouts? or both!

  • Mommawithmuscle,

    Starting the program can be a bit confusing. You may want to read the weight training guidelines and examples we have here: bodyforlife.com/.../weight-training. As for products to help with recovery, they depend on your overall goals. Both Finish and Myoplex Shakes would be considered nutritional products, and either can be used for post-workout nutrition. You can then pair a nutritional product with a recovery product, such as Armor, together post-workout for great results. For more information on your workout or help choosing the best products for your goals, please call the EAS product experts at 1-800-297-9776, Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST. ~Aaron @EAS