Starting 8/15/11, Anyone with me?

  • I'm starting today. Anyone with me? I need all the support I can get. Not much support on the homefront.  I'm new to this and can use helpful hints that work for you.  I already know that my challenge is going to be "sticking to it". Life just gets in my way.

    I'm 41, married with 4 kids  (3 births 1 adoption), menopausal, 40-50 pounds overweight and have a high stress job that interrupts my sleep. In fact, I'm up now working on a presentation when I should be sleeping.  I know these things are contributing to my belly fat, but I lack the confidence to make a career change right now due to my weight and in this jobless economy. But something needs to give as the stress is killing me literally.  Its hard for me to believe let alone others that in my 20's I ran a marathon and several half marathons and was in the best shape of my life. When I share this with others, they look at me like, "yeah, right". That  makes me feel awful, so I stop sharing that one little great accomplishment.

    My goals are to get healthy by losing weight, to build my confidence, and to find a job/career where I can (1) sleep and (2) enjoy my kids (3) reduce my stress (4) enjoy life more. Anybody out there like me? Any working moms that can understand my situation?  Any advice for a newbie?

  • I'm starting tomorrow too.... I have done BFL before and had great results.  But, that was 10 years ago.  Now, I'm  35 and heavier then ever before.  I too work a high stress job (which I blame my belly fat on) It's either the stress or the pot lucks ;)

    My Goal is to lose weight, have more energy and enjoy life without depression.

    From a standpoint of someone who has had many failed  challenges is:  Prepare you food the day before! I personally make really bad choices when I am hungry, after I binge, I lose focus and give up.  But NOT THIS TIME! I'm going all the way baby! :)

  • Hello Foxymommie,

    I am currently in my 7th challenge, and I have worked off 82lbs of body fat. My life has changed so much because I feel like a new person. Those feelings of being so stressed I thought I would die are gone and being 48, I am no doubt pre-menopausal but all the symptoms I had prior to BFL are gone now. I feel completely normal, like I did in my 30s.  People who met me at my heaviest weight do not recognize me now, which is awesome!

    My advice to you is to plan every meal and work out the week before. I do my work out and nutrition plan on Saturday, and it takes about an hour. I use the BFL Journal which makes it easier for me and I still like reading the motivational stories every morning. Cook as much of your meals for the week as you can in advance. I cook all my chicken for the week and wrap it in individual portions so all I have to do is grab one and reheat the same with my sweet potatoes and brown rice.  I do the cooking on Saturday because Sunday is free day or as I like to call it now rest day. That last thing I would recommend is to get your workout done first thing in the morning so nothing else can get in your way as we all know life will do:)

    Taking time for yourself, in my opinion, will be the hardest part for you at first but when you do you are giving back to your entire family in the long run. Do not worry about support from home in the beginning once they see your dedication, they will eventually come around, and if they don't you will be strong enough to carry on anyway. Come here when you need a pick me up there are so many great people that are willing to help.

    Best Wishes,


  • WOW! Great Stories... I too have done BFL probably about 8-10 years ago and saw great results.  Since then I had a baby (at 41) and have battle a pretty serious autoimmune disease.  I had to be on prednizone for about 18 months and gained a ton of weight.  I still am on seom meds that might hinder me a bit with the weight loss, but I am finally beyond using them as an excuse.  my baby is now 6 and is a super active child.  I find myself telling her she needs to slow down rather than me speeding up.  I am sick of feeling tired and I am super sick of clothes not fitting right or wearing my "fat clothes"  I work out of my home and am pretty busy most of the time, but I am fortunate that I have the flexibility to be able to make my schedule work around the things I need to get done for my boss. Anyway, I am starting the challenge August 29th officially.  Between now and then, I am going to re-read the book and make a plan.  Our nutrition has gotton so out of hand, this past few years I need to completely re-tool my whole kitchen and pantry.  I am looking to a bunch of you for support and advise.  I know it's going to be a long haul, but I think I am finally ready to commit to myself and family to live healthy.  

  • I am.. we have a thread called something like.. starting 8/15/11.. come join us! :) I believe it's under getting started..

    Every day is a struggle. Make today's count!

  • Hi Foxymommie! I'm with you! I'm also 41, have 2 kids, about 40 pounds overweight and going to start a new job next week. I'm 5'6 and about 170 pounds and around 26% body fat. I did start BFL last year and when I stuck with it, the results were great. I only made it through around 4-5 weeks when I began making excuses and fell off the wagon. I do get in some regular exercise, but need to completely dedicate myself to BFL this time.

    I can say that the program does seem to work and I agree that planning and early morning exercise are a terrific way to stay on track. The journal is an awesome tool to refer back to as well (I just bought a new one for a new start). I would love to have a buddy to track progress with and keep one another accountable if you are up for it.

    One of my goals is to actually participate in my local triathlon next year instead of sitting on the sidelines as a volunteer as I have for the past four years. I figure if an 86 year old can complete the olympic distance, then so can I :-)

    My family is pretty supportive, but I have to drag the hubby kicking and screaming to cut down on cruddy food and being the biggest challenge for him. My 10 year old is a snack-a-holic and the 9 year old is pretty easy to please when it comes to food. It's tough to go shopping because I feel like I'm "punishing" the kids by not buying certain things I know they like to eat.

    I am no expert by any means, but I have a good idea about how tho work the program and will be dedicated for the next 12 weeks. Let me know if you would like to share ideas....I'd love to have at least one partner in crime and it would be great to get a new group of people together for support and encouragement.


    You don't always get what you wish for, you get what you work for.

  • All,

    Thanks so much for replying. I love the support and will definitely give it in return. I love reading all your stories. Together we can make this happen.  I'm online usually at night or first in the morning. I will try to be more consistent.  I'm so exciting to hear from each of you.

  • I did start the 15th of August.  I didn't know this many people had started too.  My first day I did weights and the next day I felt every muscle I worked out.  Having issue with the meals.  I don't work regular hours so it makes it difficult to plan.  Think I really need to plan meals for the week to avoid over eating.

    I weigh 250 lbs, have to kids 3 and 7 and I am going to be 44 y/o in Oct.  I too need to sleep better, reduce stress, need more energy for my kids and enjoy life.  I totally understand your feelings.  

  • there are a few of us. we have a thread on the getting started page.. come join us there! we have fun :)

    Every day is a struggle. Make today's count!

  • Hi All,

    Got my HIIT in last night was a bit late picking up my daughter when she finished work but went home cooked her supper and all was good again in her world. LOL. HIIT so tough tried to start where I left off after 3 cycles burnout a bit had to walk for some. Hey that's alright have a new goal now. Iwant to see how long it will take me to run 2 miles. By the end of this challenge should be under 20 minutes I hope.

    Rosie, we are all in this together so just post and I'm sure someone will respond. I've been doing the WO's and eating good but need to write it out before the list gets too long and still have to post measurements & weight. Will  do LB tonight. When I'm back to morning WO's I usually have a big glass of water before couldn't eat and then do my WO. The results are better as it seems for me weight loss increases. I eat as soon as I get home from the gym 1 C of glutten free oatmeal with 1tsp. cinnamon mixed in before you add water. Will post some of my meals & for you pop heads a recipe for home made pop much heathier for you.

    Have a great day


  • Welcome Claude, Witchymama, NYC425 and Rosie,

    This is hard! If it weren't for you all, I would start again.  Monday, Tuesday and today were awful eating days.  This week was back to school and we didn't have our acts together. Buses were late, I was late to work and it threw my whole day off. Not to mention our air going out so had to leave work twice in the middle of the day to meet with a contract.

    I had that huge presentation on Monday and have another one tomorrow to a higher level of management within my mucho stress. I tried getting up early and planning my meals, but I'm so busy at work, I forget to eat and then I eat everything in sight. I did manage to go to Zumba last night and reading your postings today has motivated me to go lift weights.

    Claude, what does LB and HIIT stand for?

  • rosie,

    How have you done this week so far?

  • Hey Ya Foxy,

    I'm the late starter, so will gear up for keeps on Mon. I have broken out all of my reading material, recipes and warned the family what is coming down the pike  :-) The pantry is revamped and the Costco trip was good garbage in the cart with the exception of my agave syrup which my morning cup of joe is not complete without (low glycemic index, so I get a bye right lol!). I will get my gym membership paid up and have my stuff laid out to plan for week one. That's the biggest part for me....having a plan, preparing meals ahead of time and focusing on the goal.

    Make yourself eat!! It will save your butt, especially in the evening when temptation is a b*****.

    LB is lower body and I think HIIT is high intensity interval training.

    Stop beating yourself up! Don't look back, look forward and tell yourself you CAN do this. It just depends on how bad you want it and for what reasons. If you are making changes for anyone but yourself, you will set yourself up for failure. I'm reading a great book that might lift your spirits a's called Run Like a Girl, How Strong Women Make Happy Lives. It is very inspirational and the message is not just for runners.

    Put this day to bed and start fresh in the morning! You got this girl!


    You don't always get what you wish for, you get what you work for.

  • Foxy.. I believe lb is for lower body...correct me if I'm wrong.. and Hiit is High Intensity Interval Training.. dealing with cardio...

    I did my lower body workout yesterday.. awesome!

    cardio today.. I luff me some jogging :)

    Every day is a struggle. Make today's count!

  • mkay.. so the more I look into it.. the more I am confused as to how to actually do the HIIT.. anyone have a simple explaination?

    Every day is a struggle. Make today's count!