Can a person really change their physique?

  • I've never had a man's physique.  No chest!  My chest looks "pointed like an immature female".  I'm not fat.  200 lbs and 6' 1" tall.  Is it really possible to change that and look like a real man?  Seems like an impossible dream to me.  

  • Take a stroll through all of the before and after photos.  I'm certain if you commit yourself fully and change your "impossible dream" mindset to "absolutely I can and I'm willing to do the work it takes" then yes you most definitely can!!

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  • Yes with proper nutrition and heavy lifting you can change your physique! Starting out lean with no muscle is ideal and can lead to a great transformation. Do you mean your chest just has no definition or is it more like gynecomastia?

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  • I have a small chest too... always have.. no matter how heavy I lift etc... but my shoulders and back develop well... I am trying new techniques during this 12 weeks and am starting to get results....

    Good luck.. like me it may take a few year transition to bulk to a more SIZEABLE chest.. but if you build the shoulders, traps, lats etc you will look like you have a bigger chest...

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  • It's more like gynecomastia, but not severe.