Yeah!!! I finally did it!!! With Pictures


    AFTER C1



    Body For Life is simply amazing.  I haven't arrived where I want to be yet.   Still have some weight to lose.  And as you can see from the picture, I still have some clothes to buy  :)  Like I said before, the most expensive part about this program is not the myoplex shakes, it is the money you have to spend on new clothes because none of your old ones fit anymore!!!!


    I posted a few days ago but did not have the pics until now.  I went from 246 to 215.  I went from a size 42 to a size 34!!!


    Also, I wanted to encourage anyone starting out to do the body for life workbook.  That helped me tremendously.  It really helped me go to the gym.  When you lie down at night and write out your workout for the following day it is half the battle.  It makes getting up to go to the gym easy.  



  • Congrats! what an awesome achievement. I am starting today and it is great to see what is possible.You look terrific.

  • Awesome! Congratulations :) I love seeing befores and afters. It is SO motivating. You look great.

  • Congratulations!  You look fantastic.  You should be very proud!

  • Wow!  Great job, and a FSU fan to boot!  Double win in my book!

  • Congrats! What a change!

  • Way to go FSU!  Awesome results that will just keep getting better!  That's the beauty of BFL.  To me, it's the only program that is maintainable.  It is just right; not too difficult with the workouts or strict with the nutrition.  This is a program that you could ACTUALLY do for life and not feel like you are missing out on anything.  And I love being able to eat within the guidelines without all the measuring, counting calories or points like Weight Watchers and some others.  Keep up the good work and be sure to post your C2 pictures when you're done.  You are motivating the masses, my friend!

  • Wow, You really lost some weight and gained some muscle as well. Great work and well done. Best wishes always!!!

  • Kickass! I hope my results are as pronounced!

  • Well done!

  • t believe the FANTASTIC! What tremendous results. I can't believe the waist size difference!  shopping for new clothes will be tons of fun.  I need to show my hubby your photos.  Maybe he'll decide to do this.  Thanks for sharing.


  • Congrats, FSU! Amazing results!

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • Thank all of you for the encouragement!  I hope the program is working for you all!  Tomorrow I start challenge 2.  Best of luck to all of you.

  • Nice job!!!

  • Good Job!! Way to go!