1st week, having a hrd time with finding things to eat please help!!!

  • I cant eat gluten, dairy,  whey and soy  and I'm havign a hard time finding proteins to eat. I cant have shakes or bars  so im very limited. Heres my  typical daily menue

    Bkf-rice cereal, 4 egg whites

    Snack-goat yougrt(thats the only one I can stomach) with peach

    Lunch-1/2 gluten free bread or bagel(only have 12g of carbs with a sald and 2 eggs, turkey or tuna 20g of protein

    Snack-apple, tuna

    Dinner-1/2 cup rice with veggies and 4 oz chicken or fish

    Snack-3 egg whites with strawberries(thats the hardest part as I need something sweet)

    I fit in a workout in the morning either before bkf or 2 hours after bkf






  • Your limitations remind me of an allergy elimination diet that I did a few years ago for a medical condition. Try reading www.drcranton.com/elimination_diet.htm - it may give you some ideas about foods you can add to your diet.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Do you have allergies to the various nuts as well, like peanuts, walnut, almonds as well? IF not perhaps they would help some with the protein intake. But be sure to check on these first.