Am I eating right?

  • I started the challenge on July 4th. My starting weight was 247 lbs (I watch UFC and I could match some of the heavyweight fighters, except I am 5'6" and a female!) I feel I have been doing very well so far. Following the Weight training exactly (except I am going to make sure I do more freeweight training rather than machines going forward). The cardio I am really pushing myself but am finding the last 5 minutes too hard sometimes, but still do my very best. I think doing a full run at 100+lbs overweight is alot to ask of my knees right now! I feel that I follow the diet to what is recommended and I have not strayed at all. Below is an example of a typical day of eating for me. Am I eating enough, too much? I could use some advice please as I do not see any results so far which shocks and disappoints me since I have been working very hard and I went from zero exercise to 6 days a week - so by now I would expect something.

    7 am:Protein shake (has 20g Protein, 3 Carbs) + banana + 3/4 cup skim milk and a teaspoon of nutural peanut butter

    10:30 am: Either a protein bar or a boiled egg and an apple (Most times I don't eat the yolk, some times I am really hungry!)

    12:30 pm: Turkey on WWheat with lettuce, tomato and mustard and a side of veg (green beans/carrots or asparagus) or a salad with grilled chicken breast.

    4:00pm: protein bar or shake

    6:00pm: Gym (I would like to do this in the am but I have an 1 1/2 commute and my gym doesn't open early enough)

    8:00pm Veggie Burger or Grilled Chicken Pita Pizza (From BFL Cookbook)

    I don't normally eat after dinner, but I feel like I am just eating all the time. Is this enough calories or too many?




  • Lisa,

    First of all congrats on starting the BFL challenge. Stick to the program for all 12 weeks and you will see great results! Do you have the BFL book? If you don't I would highly recommend finding a copy and reading it cover to cover. It will change your life! They are in bookstores or you can pick up used copies online or try your local library. There is a lot of info on this site as well under the 'Library tab'.

    Hopefully some of the ladies will chime in here as well, but in my opinion you are not eating near enough. Your 12:30 meal looks great! I would limit protein bars to emergencies only and not make them a part of your regular daily nutrion plan. Also it is important to eat 6 meals. I usually have cottage cheese and yogurt at night Often right before I go to bed. The body heals, repairs and grows muscle while we sleep and it is important to have healthy, nutritous food available.

    As for the cardio, yes do be careful of your knees. Remember to push your limits in whatever you do and don't let your body get comfortable. That is the key with cardio.

    Also I would encourage you set it in your mind to give it all you got for all 12 weeks. It takes time to change habits and change our bodies. Most people do not see big results until the last few weeks or less. My biggest changes came in the last two weeks.

    Have you taken pics and measurements? Not necessarily for the challenge but for yourself. Do not use the scale as an indicator of success. Use how you look and feel and how your clothes fit. Things like that.

    You can do this!!!!! You have the power to change your life!

    Hope this helps a little.

    All the best