Need support! Beginning 7/24/11

  • I'm beginning on 7/24/11 for the first time.  My main goal is to stick with it for the full 12 weeks!

  • I started on the 17th, but I am willing to motivate and be motivated!  This is not an easy thing, but we can do it!!  Plan EVERYTHING!!  It makes it easier!  Sticking with the 12 weeks is a great's one of mine as well!  A couple of people have told me to post everyday to make it easier!  It works!  There are a lot of good people on here for encouragement and positive feedback!  Looking forward to completing the challenge with you!!  


  • Count me in, just done day 19, its really starting to fly by now.

    Keep updating this daily, it really does help as you know people are following you and its hard to find a valid excuse to miss a workout or have that 1 doughnut on a non free day.

    Good luck and keep us posted. I post daily too.

  • you guys should come join our group, the july 18th start date :) close enough, and we all need all the kind words and motivation we can get! :)

  • i agree with juicy join the 7/18 start date group - we would love to have you!  Best of luck to you!

  • PRE PLAN! do all your goals, questions and answers from book, get all your paper work done, thats the meal and training plans (i did 3 months worth back to back and had them bound) read all your goals everyday, get a photo/picture of someone that you aspire to be like (or yourself in fitter days).  After pre planning, which takes me about a week, i hit the gym with a trainer to help out with weights setting up, after that i fly on my own.  THEN PLAN PLAN PLAN everyweek, everyday.. thats the way i have stayed on track. BEST OF LUCK : )

  • P.S i like working out by myself, independant of a trainer, i find they talk to much and i can't work out to that pulling damn ugly faces with another person watching - lol.. i just get them to help me set them up and i go from there.  I change all weights myself about every month as i have the know how, but if you don't, perhaps get a trainer to set up and get them again when you need to change things around. : )

  • Oops, on the 25th, I meant

  • Thank you all so much for your support!  This is going to be great!  Juicy and Kabbott, I'm new to this forum stuff.  How do I "join" the group?  Just follow the question?

  • I think I already saw a post from you in the July 18th board, but there is no official joining your just in!  Yeah!

  • I'd love to join the group for the 24th.  I did BFL about 12 yrs. ago and had amazing results.  I was in the best shape of my life.  Since then, I've yo-yo'd back and forth.  I'm not extremely overweight, but I'd like to put on some lean muscle and lose the fat.  I'm about 205 right now (about the same weight I started the last time).  I've tried doing the BFL about 3 times since the first time I did it.  My main advice is this:  COMMIT TO THE 12 WEEKS.  In the past 3 times I would make it about halfway, start feeling good, then cut corners (maybe 2 cheat days, skip a leg workout here and there, only have four meals instead of 6, didn't drink the water I needed to, etc.)  The first time I did it I didn't cut any corners AND IT WORKS!  I really want to stick to it this time.  We didn't have forums or anything like this back then, so I'm really looking forward to posting with everyone.  WE CAN DO THIS!

  • I would like to join this also.  I did this 1 year ago and did wonderful and I am still at the same weight that I lost.  I tried doing it again but after the free day, I gain and loose the same 5 lbs!

  • Dear BFL friends.  I started on 7/24/11 as well and it too is my very first time.  I'm hoping to be successful and therefore would be grateful for any advice/ideas that have helped any of you along the way.

    I will post everyday on how things are moving along.  I suspect Week 1 is to establish an initial base plan and as the weeks move along, you are to adjust it to tune in with your body. 

    I started off today with cardio although now in reading more, i should have done I'm not sure it matters as long as the correct amounts of

    workouts are done by the end of the week.  The cardio was simple enough to understand and I know how to adjust it as I get better at it. the 20 mins today was moderately intensed so I'm glad it's something.

    Tomorrow is weights and I feel a bit uncertain about how much to start initially  and how much to increase with each rep or decrease.  I figured I can just as a trainer there to help me with posture if I am not doing it correctly.  Will let you all know how I do on the exercise portion when I get through.

    Lastly, for me like many of you, we are all on journey and quest to help improve an area of our live or possibly several areas.  I will be here everyday to post and encourage you all on.  There is greatness in numbers and together we help get us achieve this.  Good luck my friends.



  • I did my first challenge 11 years ago and had incredible results.  I actually maintained my weight loss pretty well over the years.  I did yo-yo back and forth a few times, but not to the point where I couldn't jump right back in and take the weight back off.  Well, the last couple of years have been a different story.  We moved and I quit going to the gym.  I finally cancelled my membership altogether.  We own all of the workout equipment that I need in order to workout at home and I just kept telling myself that I'd get back in the groove and just workout at home. never happened and I found myself gaining about 30 pounds.  I gained the last 10 pounds within a month! (I think I may be pre-menopausal but I'm also low thyroid, so who knows.)  To make a long story short, I finally got my butt in gear and rejoined the gym.  I started the challenge on July 6th and I have to say that I am doing really well.  Haven't missed a workout and have been eating right....10 pounds down so far.  If there is one word of advice that I can give to anyone, it would be STICK IT OUT!  During my first challenge, I lost 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks and then I didn't lose ANYTHING for the next 5 weeks!  If it weren't for the 'guestbook' (that's what it was called back then) I would have given up.  Luckily, people were posting comments saying that the results would really come after week 8; just keep pushing.  Boy, was I glad that I did.  Sure enough, after week 8, the weight just began falling off and I ended up losing almost 25 pounds total.  I hope I can get better results this time since I am starting off a little heavier.  

    An old veteran of BFL once posted 'THE PAPER TOWEL' theory and I read it to keep me motivated and help me to realize that I am making a difference, even if I don't see it right now.  If you'd like to read it, let me know and I'll post it here.  Keep up the good work, friends!

  • Hi BFL friends, How is everyone doing today?  I find it very hard to fit in all 6 meals so I usually skip the last one.  Plus my breakfast meal is usually starts around 9am.  Does anyone else have a hard time trying to keep up with the small meals every 3 hours?  

    Amy--I would very much be interested in reading 'the paper towel' theory.  Anything to keep me motivated and encouraged would be appreciated.  

    I am starting my weights training today.  I am planning on doing the following weights 10/15/20/25/25 since I am such a newbie.   Hopefully it will be the right amount of weights to start.  Will check in with everyone else later.  Have a great day everyone!