Started for the millionth time yesterday! This is it!!

  • Agey--

    Good luck to you on this challenge!  Like you, I've started this program before and given up.  Actually, I've started this program and others too many times to count, and always given up.  This time is different for me.  So far, I've made it through day 4 of week 6 and am still going strong.  Stick with is worth it!!  It is so hard, but every day that you push through it, the stronger you will be...not just physically, but mentally too!  I've had a lot of friends comment on how "disciplined" I am.  The funny thing is, I NEVER was before!  You can do it!

    On the smoking, I quit 5 years ago...that is a major challenge in itself!  Good luck with both of your challenges!!!  Just stick with it...and don't beat yourself up if you slip!

  • I too am starting again after starting and stopping a million times.  So frustrating when we do that to ourselves.  I'm DONE being a quitter though and I'm going to finish this time. It's hard for me because I get frustrated when I don't see results fast enough--I don't understand how some people lose 7 or 9 pounds in the first couple of weeks.  My body just doesn't work that way.

    Anyway, I'm on week 2 day 2 and am doing well.  Cardio tonight!

  • Be sure to hang in there this time Agey,  My best wishes are with ya. I am sure you can do it this time around. Like they said in Polar Express .... You have to decide to get on the train first..

  • Keep up the good work, Agey. I had to take some time off the gym for 5 weeks, because I hurt my foot. Last week was my first week back at the gym.

    I was thinking perhaps post a couple of photos of your idea weight around the house for some extra encouragement. If you were thinner at one time or very fit, it's a good idea to post a photo of you at your fitness peak. I feel posting old photos of myself is a gentle reminder of how I would like to look and encouragement that I can do it.

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!