Started for the millionth time yesterday! This is it!!

  • I have started the challenge a crazy amount of times only to quit within a week.  I made it 2 weeks once.  It feels different this time.  I have done way more prep and have been talking myself up for over a week.    I think this time it is going to stick.  Actually, I KNOW it is!  I am going to quit smoking as well.  On day 2!!  Wish me luck.  Going to post my before pictures after my hubby gets home.  I am, also, going to keep up with the community on here.   Even, if I only guys are so inspirational!  I can't wait to post my after pics and inspire someone else as well!!


  • Agey,

    Good on ya mate!!!!  I slowly had to mentally prep myself, just like what you are doing and it worked for me this time as well.  I think you're gonna own it this time!!!

  • Hey ya,

    I totally believe that pre planning, planning and more planning is needed to really stay on track with BFL.. setting you goals etc.. is really important.  Well done : )

  • Thanks guys!  I am hoping that I can stay accountable to everyone on here!  I am determined to finish this time!!


  • Failure is not an option! Never give in- never give up! Make sure you are training like a warrior. That simply means that you tap into that hungry insane desire for success. When you’re working out picture your transformation in your mind’s eye and push will all your might. Make yourself proud of your accomplishments and make every single workout count. Push fear aside and perform everything that you are intimated by; push-ups, pull-ups you name it-go for it! This is your time to shine. This is your moment in your life to be the women you have always wanted to be.

    So do want to be a BFL warrior? Are you ready to walk through life like a warrior? Are you pushing yourself beyond your preconceived limits? I wish you luck and success on your journey. It will afford you a life time of happiness and pride. This is your time to cross the finish line my dear, with pride, a bright smile and an exuberant amount of energy. I will be waiting for those pictures!

    I’m rooting for you!


  • Thanks, Lori!  I almost started crying when I read what you wrote.  You are right--failure isn't an option!  I am soooo glad I decided to actually post on here!  I am so ready for change!  I will do everything in my power to make this happen!!  

    I just got back from my cardio workout and it was a doozy!!  I definitely met my 10 tonight...I thought I was going to be sick, so I know I did my best!!  My food is on track too!  No cheating, skipping, or excuses!  I am on the right track!


  • Agey,

    Good for you girl- get on track and make it happen!!

    Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of your future. Dare yourself to accept struggles and conquer it.

    When you doing your cardio, play a fun game and imagine that you are being featured in a movie and you are the instructor. It will add some excitement to your workout and you will push like crazy.

    Have fun with your workouts and most of all honor yourself.

    Your are worthy!

  • Thank you!


  • Good luck, on day 17 myself but seems only like yesterday I started, you will be well in to the 12 weeks before you know it.

    Train hard, eat clean and sleep like a baby....

    I update daily to keep myself motivated so keep us posted.


  • Thanks, Ric!  I am keeping up with your updates as well.   You are doing awesome!  I have been keeping a journal, but I like the idea of being accountable to someone who understands what I am going through.  I might start doing that today!


  • Do it, really helps me. Got to week 6 last year without this support of the forum, so hopefully will do the full 12 this time.

    Have a good day

  • Just got back from my LBWO and man, did it kill!  Part of the way in a couple of young guys came in talking about flutterkicks and I challenged them!  Whoever stopped first, lost!  I didn't lose...we did flutterkicks for about 2min30sec straight!  I was determined to win, I have a goal to make and I am gonna do it!!  We all won, of course, in getting the motivation to do an exercise that isn't always the easiest, but I am pumped that I stuck it out!  Such a great, I am just hoping that I will be able to walk tomorrow, LOL!!  

    Have a great day and train hard y'all!!


  • Just finished day 4!  Woke up a little late so had to modify my food, but I got 5 meals in today!  Was super sore from my LBWO last night, but I got in to do my cardio tonight and I think I did pretty good.  Tomorrow is UBWO and I get to give my legs a rest, which I think they need...


  • I've gone through the same thing...ebbing and flowing motivation. This time feels different for myself as well! I am so excited. I moved my date up to July 25 instead of Aug 1. Good luck!

  • Finished my UBWO and day 5!  I am going to have to increase the weight next time.  Hit a couple of 9's, but the only 10 was my triceps.  Tomorrow cardio!!

    Good luck to you as well, thelibrarian!!!