START DATE AUGUST 1, 2011 (F, 34 YRS OLD, 5'7", 225 lbs- 65 to lose)

  • My goal is to do at least two 12 week cycles and then maintain. I have about 65 pounds I'd love to shed. I have a minor surgery this coming Monday, so I've chosen a date I can safely start working out.

    I posted because I would like to meet a few BFL buddies for mutual motivation and support.

  • Join the coffee crew!

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Good luck OP, keep punching every day.

    I am on Week 6, day 2... I am down a lot of weight (guessing from 210 to 192, haven't weighed myself for a week or so) and have heaps of energy but best of all I LOOK LIKE MYSELF....


    I went out walking through the city center, it happened just the other day. Sometimes Sydney Harbor in the winter, blows a little luck my way.

  • Hi!

    I am going to start on July 19th. It's a random day, I know, but I will just be getting back from vacation and am anxious to start this program! Maybe we can motivate each other!

    Good luck on your surgery!

  • Thanks, Ash! I wish I could start sooner :S It gives me a little more time to get motivated, I suppose. Do stay in touch! I am going to post the dreaded before pics to my profile. I think I'll do weekly pictures.

  • You have my support and confidence. Hang in there and keep moving forward!!!!

  • Thanks, Everyone! I am looking forward to seeing everyone's transformations.

  • Hi Librarian! Hope your surgery went well! I ended up not starting until Monday, July 25th. Last week, I just tried to prepare myself and follow the nutrition plan. It sounds easy, and it seems like it can be, but I did realize just how much I have to plan ahead! I am simply going to suggest that maybe this week before you start your challenge, you might want to try that. It really seems to have helped me with not running into any "snags" these first couple of days. Just a thought! Hope you are doing well!

  • Hi Ash,

    I know what you mean about planning. I started Monday, too :) This is day three...and so far, so good. I think it takes the first week or two to work out kinks and get a feel for it.

    Thanks so much, surgery was a piece of cake- just local and my doc gave me the okay to start as soon as three days after the surgery.

    The only thing I found a little frustrating is the cardio intervals...I am doing intervals, but probably not as regimented in small increments...I bought a stop watch, so perhaps that'll help.

    How are things going for you?


  • thelibrarian: I am also planning to start on August 1st! We should be BFL buddies!

  • I am planning to start on Aug 1st. I have tried doing this program before and kept quitting. I have SO MUCH on the line. I'm turning 40 in January and can not see reaching that milestone and seeing who I see in the mirror right now. I am so focused on success this time. If not only to improve my life & health, but to show husband I can do it too!

  • Oh yay!! Then we started at the same time! Sorry I've been a slacker. Was out of town the past few days. I did pretty good, but had a few slip ups...Today is a new day though, right??

    I'm so glad your surgery went well! Have things still been going ok with your workouts and stuff?? No side effects from just "going under the knife"?

    I really don't like the cardio either! I tried the stationary bike one day, but it was really hard to maintain my "high point". I've been sticking with the treadmill ever since because then IT controls how fast i'm going...not me!

    Eating is going pretty good, except for this's hard when people invite you over though or when you haven't planned on doing something for so long. Plus I'd normally be ok with putting protein bars in my car or purse, but it's been so hot that they just melt!

    Did you take pictures after week 1 or weigh in? I want to, but I'm a little nervous after the weekend...don't want to get discouraged. I feel good though so that's a plus. I'm thinking maybe next week.

  • Hi Jojo -

    Did you start yesterday? How'd it go? At least if you've got the experience of trying it before and knowing where the pitfalls are! I'm sure you can keep it up this time around. January will be here before you know it and you want to look FABULOUS!

  • Hi all! Started Aug 1st. Would love the support of people starting around the same date. This is my second challange, did one in 2009 had pretty good results then I got pregnant. Ready to start again. I'm on under drich if anyone wants to see my pics from 1st challange.

    Good luck to everyone!

  • There is a big groupo of us who started Aug 1st under the forum: "Anyone starting on August 1st?"   There are 37 of us in the group. Just find us and start chatting away! Good to find another august 1st-er